How To Choose And Apply Your Makeup

When it comes to choosing, and even applying your makeup it’s always good to become informed. To understand how to apply your makeup is an art in itself, I know it can be frustrating sometimes but bare beside me and we’ll go through some helpful tips that will help you exfoliate those gorgeous qualities you may have been hiding. A few of these tips you’ll only find in a makeup textbook – but sharing it along with you I’d as if you use this information and transfer too. If you are a shopping fanatic like myself – you love to try things on, dabble, then proceed to the next product, and you’ll also know makeup could possibly be the hardest product to simply “try on” without it using a lasting effect.

When it comes to your lips, and applying makeup – classic red lips could be sexy and heavy simultaneously. For a more dramatic statement, line the lips inside a matching shade, apply lipstick directly from the tub, and blot with a tissue adding another coat. If however you’re taking a more contemporary look, keep your outline soft and just use your finger to pat about the colour. This should provide you with amazing texture and a powerful pout.

One question I get asked the most is how do you choose your lipstick? There are no strict rules for choosing the perfect red, so don’t be scared to experiment with as many as appeal to you. Generally however, cool skin tones can wear blue based reds, and warm skin tones look good in orange-based reds, while burgundy and brick shades suit darker complexions better. Always keep in mind that you might get your lips looking great – but if they don’t match the rest of your body, you’re in big trouble.

Moving on to skincare, nowadays, bronzers, shimmer sticks, and illuminating foundations are earning their way into every makeup bag. It’s about enhancing your complexion and developing a natural glow. To provide the skin a satin finish, apply silky bronzers or shimmery powders at the top of your cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose.

Also know that sometimes – less is more, shimmer works on every skin tone, however, you don’t wish to over do it, try to avoid any products with chunky, noticeable sparkles. Silvery shades look gorgeous if you are fair and golden tones look great on olive to dark skin tones.

Make sure to blend your mixtures well the last thing you want is to look like a showgirl. Make sure to work shimmer products into the skin with a makeup sponge, and smooth on bronzing powders having a larger fluffier brush.

Deciding on the best makeup can and ought to always be an exciting affair, many people feel a sense of anxiety and be timid once they think of seeing a makeup department alone to pick out makeup. This sense of tension only ever develops from a lack of information, if you walked into a store knowing everything about all of the products you would be teaching the staff and the power will be inside your court. The next time prior to going out to purchase anything, do your homework – become familiar with the product your purchasing, learn.

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