How to Apply Makeup for a Girls Night

Life as a twenty-something career woman seems like a carefree and fun existence when you have your girl friends around you. The gals always look forward to the coming of each weekend when it’s time to party all night and sleep all day. Some girls liked to party just to drink and dance the night away. Others wanted to meet someone they could be with for one night or for the rest of their lives. Whatever their reason for painting the town red, they’ll look gorgeous with little effort when they apply the following makeup tips for a girls’ night out from cosmetic experts at Fashion Plus.

Start with Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

After applying foundation to create an even skin tone on your face, start with the eye area, specifically the brows. By now, any errant hair growth that might ruin the shape should have been plucked cleanly. It’s not you who decide what shape your brows shall have, but the direction of the hair growth and the bone underneath the arch. Some women use a string while others use a pair of tweezers to manually remove the hair follicles.

Experience-wise, plucking isn’t a perfect art. Sometimes, a few follicles from the no-touch zone get plucked mistakenly and the brow ends up with thinner patches or lighter portions. To fill in these little gaps, use a medium brown shade from your eye shadow palette to darken your brows a little. With an applicator, line the arch of the brow to better define its shape and extend the tails a bit longer to create a cat’s eye look. Meanwhile, add some fullness to the inner ends by mixing taupe with light brown and apply the shade to the sparse hair growth near the middle of the forehead.

Add Definition to the Eyelids with Dark Eyeliner

The type and color of eyeliner to apply depends on the shades of eyeshadow you used and the effect you wanted to have. Waterproof liquid eyeliner lasts longer and adds more definition than a pencil. On one hand, some women like to smudge the kohl after application for a smokey look. Of course, everything matches when you go with black, but adventurous girls like to use plum, silver, or dark red on some nights for a unique look.

Apply the eyeliner under the lashes both on top and at the bottom contours of the eyes before adding them to the eyelids. Line the edges from the inside to the outside. Remember to thicken the line at the edges. You may use both a pencil for smudging and liquid eyeliner for definition. Finally, brush a little mascara on your lashes to widen your eyes and accentuate your eye color.

Finish with the Lips and Blush on the Cheeks

Every girl should know the rule in balancing the shades on one’s eyes and the lip color. When the eyes have been darkened or accentuated, go with pale lipstick or an application of gloss for an almost nude look for the lips. When neutral shades were used for the eyes, the lips, cheeks, and nose area must compensate with the lack of color. Dark hues of vermillion or plum look best on women with strong features, such as high cheekbones, a stubborn chin, and a high-bridged or upturned nose.

The secret to adding volume to the lips without injections or surgery is to use a lip liner to define the edges. The pencil’s color should match the lipstick, which comes in either liquid or solid form. Liquid lip color is dabbed onto the lips with a brush applicator while a tube of lipstick is applied with a few strokes. For a wet look, apply gloss on top of the lip color. For a matte effect, sprinkle some loose powder on a tissue and dab your lips with it.

The rules for applying blush color are almost the same with the lips. When the eyes are heavily shaded, the cheek bones only need a light application of the blush. Apply the blush all over the face from the forehead down to the nose, cheeks, and chin areas. Create a fresh morning glow with a natural shade. Optionally, add shimmer by applying loose mineral powder lightly afterwards.

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