How to Apply Concealers and Foundations?

Concealers and Foundations

Here are the three top tips you need to know about concealer:


The consistency of a concealer will have an impact on what you can do it with. A creamy liquid concealer is great for camouflaging under eye shadows because it won’t dry out or gravitate into any fine lines. Try Earthy Essences Concealer; its liquid satin formulation glides over dark circles and stays put so you don’t have to worry about it creeping into fine lines by lunch time. This formulation is also great for hiding redness or broken capillaries. A paste or pot concealer is great for covering blemishes or darker pigmentation, as it tends to be more opaque. Use a fine tip brush to dot concealer such as MiEssence Concealer onto blemishes then blend outwards until the concealer has been worked completely into the surrounding skin.


A concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation but no lighter. Too light and you will overcorrect and end up with visible concealer on your faces. Light beige tones such as MiEssence Concealer in Medium are great for covering dark under eye bags, while green-tinged concealers help take the red out of capillaries, blemishes and scarring. Earthy Essences Concealer in Medium has a green base that gets rid of redness and has you looking flawless, quick smart.


Just like the art director, skilful concealer application requires a light hand. A small brush is great for applying a creamy under eye concealer, while a fine tipped brush works well to camouflage a pimple. But many makeup artists like to use their ring finger to apply concealer. The ring finger gives a lighter touch than the pointer finger and the warmth of your skin helps melt concealer in for a flawless cover-up job. Dot the product onto the area you intend to cover, then lightly and carefully dab the concealer in.

Spot? What Spot?

Foundation is the base for your entire look and it is important that it matches your skin tone perfectly. Foundation should blend in with your skin tone to create a flawless complexion. It needs to camouflage redness, hide lines, and reduce other imperfections.

Foundation is the only colour that has to be perfect; you can make do with a lipstick, or tone down eye shadows, but get your foundation colour wrong and well I’m sure we’ve all been there.

So how do you get the right colour? Samples, samples and samples. The best chance you have at getting the right colour without mistakes is to invest in a small amount of samples, and take them home to try. Apply it to your whole face (not just the chin line, or your wrist!), play with your samples, look at yourself in different lights, daylight; night time; indoors, florescent light… etc. How does you’re make up feel, how easy is to apply, reapply, does it stay on? Test the coverage, mix shades and create a unique colour, seek the advice of your friends and family. For a small investment, it really is worth while.

Where to Start? – What shades of mineral make up will best suit my skin?

Although there are loads of different shades of Earthy Essences mineral foundation, they are formulated to suite your skin undertone as well as your skin tone. Your undertone will be warm, cool or neutral and your skin tone will be light, medium, tanned or dark.

Identifying your Undertone

Warm Undertones: Often referred to as having yellow, peach, orange undertone

*You look better in cream then white.

*You wear more yellow gold jewellery.

*The veins on your wrists appear more green.

*You are drawn to more winter/summer colours.

Cool undertones: Often referred to as having pink, red, blue undertones

*You look better in white than cream.

*You wear silver or white gold jewellery.

*The veins in your wrist appear more blue.

*You are drawn to more spring/autumn colours.

Neutral undertones: Normally found in those with a natural tan or dark skin. As the differences in undertone refers to the richness and depth of colour rather than an undertone.

Identifying your Skin Tone or Complexion

*Light or fair skin (burns easily)

*Medium skin (burns before tanning)

*Tanned skin (tans easily)

*Dark skin (naturally dark or olive skin)

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