How Does Mascara Damage Eyelashes When Someone Applied It Normally

Most women strive to achieve the long, thick eyelashes that are seen on models and film stars. It seems that the only way to get is through the use of eye makeup, in particular mascara. But does mascara damage eyelashes? There are really just three ways that this eye make up can cause harm to eyelashes. This article will explain what these are and how to avoid the problem.

The most common cause of problems with using mascara is that the wearer is allergic to an ingredient in the makeup. This allergic reaction affects the delicate skin surrounding the eyelashes, causing it to swell up and loss of hair can be the result. There are two possible solutions to this. One is to try different makes of the product until one is found that you aren’t allergic to. The other answer is to use a hypo-allergenic variety.

Mascara can be obtained in two types: waterproof and non-waterproof. The waterproof varieties are useful when attending functions, such as weddings or going swimming, as they don’t have to constantly re-applied and they don’t run. However, they are more difficult to remove than the water soluble type and tempt the wearer to rub or pull the lashes strongly when trying to remove it. This can easily cause damage to the hair and, in some cases, the hair will be so weakened that it falls out. The solution is to be extra careful and gentle when removing this type of eye makeup and avoid any pulling or tugging action.

A safer method is to always use the water soluble variety. Of course this has its drawbacks if you are attending an all day event such as a wedding or perhaps an all night party, as there is a possibility of it. Only the user can decide whether this is preferable to using a waterproof product and risking permanent lash damage.

Applying mascara very thickly and wearing it in this way for long periods is another potential cause of harm to your eyelashes. Thick mascara will harden and clump together and is then very hard to get off without a great deal of rubbing and pulling at the lashes. This sort of treatment is almost certain to cause a lot of damage. It is best to use the product sparingly; don’t be tempted to put it on too thickly in an effort to make the lashes more prominent. It is better to err on the side of caution and have an application that is easy to remove rather than risk any sort of harm to the hair.

The tips above will help you to use mascara to enhance your eyelashes and avoid any problems of damage to them. Apart from the possibility of allergic reactions to the product, any deterioration to the lashes results from not using the product sensibly. Take your time to apply the makeup carefully and not too thickly and make sure to remove it gently without excessive force.

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