How do you Stay Beautiful Without Spending too Much?

Define and defy beauty without looking like a clown. That is class. To achieve this, you need some cosmetics. Sure, you look fabulous without some blush on and some eye mascara, but for you to emphasize your facial assets, use make-up. On the other hand, you do not need to apply heavy make-up when you want to look like the fairest of them all.

The following are the most important cosmetics you need when you are on the go:

Pressed powder/foundation cake

First rule to stay glowing: do not look oily. Stay presentable by applying some powder on your face. Be sure to put some on your oily zone which is from the forehead down to your nose line. Check out cosmetic stores online and see to it that you are using dermatological-tested powder or else you will be putting your face to harm.

Blush-on or Cheek tint

Applying the right amount of blush-on or cheek tint can do the trick of making you look vibrant, healthy and attractive. There are many different blush-on brands and you for you to achieve the best look, be sure that you know what suits your skin type and complexion. For blush-on, find a blusher that is soft and tender on your skin. Rashes and other skin irritation must be avoided. For cheek tint, see to it that you read directions for use.

Eye shadow

You can buy is singly or in a palette with many different colors. The eye shadow is a must whether you are out for a party or you are meeting some people for a formal gathering. The choice of colors must suit the occasion. Subtle and earth colors can go with your Sunday dress and daily activities. Vibrant and daring shades can complement your night-outs and parties.


Do not exert too much effort pouting just to make your lips luscious. Apply lipstick and flaunt your kissable lips. Your lip stick must have color harmony with your eye shadow and cheek color. Avoid lipstick products that are not recognized in the market because they might bring you unhealthy results.

You can avail these four major make-up elements online through Ebay, Amazon and other internet shopping websites. Consider the brand, the testimonials and recommendations as well as the prices. You have to be certain that what you are buying suits your skin tone and skin type.

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