How Do You Know the Correct Shutter for the Job?

When deciding on what type of shutters to use on the outside or in your house, there are a few questions to ask yourself first. Where does the sun hit the house the most on sunny days? Do you live in an area that has constant rainfall or high humidity? High heat and humidity will cause real wood shutters to warp over time and you may prefer to choose a heavy-duty vinyl or polymer shutter that will last many years. If you live in a mild climate or much cooler climate, such as in Canada or the Northern U.K., weather proofed exterior wood shutters should be fine.

The next decision is whether you want to use a louvered panel with fixed angled slats, or a flat panel shutter that won’t let any breeze or light in. Many of these come with a wood-like surfacing and it is hard to tell the difference until you get up close and touch it. You can order or buy sets of shutters in different colours and if you get bored with the colour, you can just paint them a different colour without any problems.

Another point to consider is the style of your house, both inside and outside. If you own a Victorian style home, you will obviously want to find exterior shutters that continue the same theme and appearance. Most shutters built on Victorian homes were originally for protecting thin or poorly installed window glass from harsh winds and stormy weather. They were closed and latched from the inside when stormy weather arrived and then opened back up after the storm was done. With storm windows installed in many houses today, the shutter is not needed as much but it still helps to protect glass from the occasional hailstorm.

Inside the house your shutters should reflect the same interior design as the room you install them in. Wood tones and finishes should reflect or complement any wood panelling or furniture you already have in that room. You can take a sample wood piece to a shutter manufacturer and find a complimentary wood tone that works with the rest of your colour scheme.

Consider using plantation shutters for the interior of your living room, dining room and your sunroom, if you have one. You can also have custom-made shutters for arched windows and any other geometrical window design that came with your home when you purchased it. There are eyebrow and half-eyebrow arched windows and some of these can be high enough that you will need a remote control system to operate them. That is also the same for any full-length window stretching over two levels in an open living room area.

The last point to consider is whether you can get tax deductions for saving on energy consumption by installing shutters. If you want to use the shutter installation as a tax saving, make sure the manufacturer has a guarantee that is accepted by the government that allows you to make this deduction.

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