Hooded Eyes Eyeliner DO’s

Aly Art
Hooded Eyes Eyeliner DO’s
My INSTAGRAM is alyonayarushina
MY SINGING CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6w64Vo1yb1djDnvJfXHv-Q

The music here is done by my brother Oleg Yarushin:

The makeup products I used:

Eyeliner – Maybelline brown gel eyeliner
BUY: http://bit.ly/29mdWy5

Eyeshadow – Quarry by MAC
US (Macy’s) http://bit.ly/29m97EX
UK (John Lewis) http://bit.ly/29m9rnf
Australia (David Jones) http://bit.ly/29m8ifC

The brushes I bought in a craft shop for less then 1 dollar each ))
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20 thoughts on “Hooded Eyes Eyeliner DO’s”

  1. Mango Manifesto says:

    great tips as always, aly! i have hooded eyes but didn't realize it for years. i thought i had "half monolids" (not a real thing LOL)… anyway i used to have the curved wing all the time and I thought I had no other options but have since learned through videos like this! what would i do without youtube…

  2. Anjali S says:

    you have the most beautyfull face in the world!

  3. muslimah x says:

    You have beautiful eyes. I have big eyes and winged liner doesn't suit me :/

  4. Roche Vegan says:

    You're a wizard! 💗💗

  5. Babeth Hiruma says:

    Yey thats so cool i have a hooded eyes and your technique is perfect 😄

  6. rachel bradley says:

    I have one hooded eye and one normal eye so I have so much trouble getting my eyeliner even. What do you recommend. Rachel

  7. Eva C: says:

    Love this quick tutorial! Thank you for showing us the trick and starting with the eyeliner before using eye shadow.
    I love how you always do things a little differently but end up with the same great (if not better) results!

  8. Elizabeth Graves says:

    Hey Aly! What a great explanation. I never seem to get it quite right but your technique seems really straight forward, I'm definitely trying it out. Awesome content, keep up the great videos <3

  9. Katerina Papakosta says:

    Thanks a lot for your help.Easy to understand . You are the best I ever see

  10. Jenny Orelle says:

    It's so funny I wondered what hooded eyes were when I kept hearing people talking about them on youtube, then realized I had them. I think it's a very beautiful look.Thank you for all your tutorials. You are a wonderful teacher and amazing singer.

  11. Heather Lea says:

    Could you do a tutorial on hooded eyes and glasses, or just eye glasses in general?

  12. Hel Lellis says:

    your tutorials are amazing, and so well explained! I've been doing my make up "wrong" all this time because I just didn't understand my eye shape…

  13. Angelika Borowczak says:

    After your tutorial I finally understood why the "eyeliner-wings" never worked on my eyes. Ur advices are very helpful to me. Thank you 💐

  14. Shayma Jamil says:

    You're so beautiful.

  15. shahad twij says:

    I love how you explain, you're amazing. And i like your videos they're really helpful. Thanks very much ❤️

  16. Aly DVG says:

    I am just find you! Love your tutorial, thanks a lot.

  17. connie moss says:

    great video :)

  18. brig lotus says:

    love it !! simple. clear ! i relate to you..beautiful. simple beauty. thank you. i am happy i found you.

  19. Jenny Herrera says:

    it doesn't work on me,because I have so much excess of skin in my eyelids 😭😭 I don't know what to do

  20. Olga Kuznetsova says:

    Thank you so much Alyonochka for this tutorial! I am going to try your technique, it looks so easy! You are a star! Spasibo bolshoe :-)

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