Hazed & Confused #8: Interview With Sara Del Rey

Hello one and all and welcome back to another issue of Hazed & Confused.

Best news ever has come to me in the past few days, CHIKARA’s King Of Trios 2009 is released on DVD on Tuesday 14th April from SmartMarkVideo and I for one will be ordering it.
SMV is an awesome company for Indy feds, as they go to the majority of shows, record them and release the shows onto DVD a few weeks later. Obviously the federations get quite abit of money from the sales, which is most small federations main source of income and people that wouldn’t normally be able to get to any of their shows can still see the matches.
The quality is pretty good, with most having small promos before matches as well and commentary is usually recorded “live” at the shows to give a better feel to them.

Talking of CHIKARA, they have two shows coming up on the 25th and 26th of April. I don’t think the final cards are made, but what we have so far is as follows:

“Behind the 8 Ball″
April 25, 2009 @ Palmer Community Center, Easton, PA
1. Nevaeh vs. Shark Girl
2. Shadow Phoenix vs. Gran Akuma
3. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant [The Colony] vs. Chuck Taylor & Icarus [F.I.S.T.]
4. CHIKARA Young Lions Cup Title Match: Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen [c] vs. Colin Delaney
5. CHIKARA Campeones de Parejas – Best of 3 Falls: Amasis & Ophidian [c] [The Osirian Portal] vs. Jigsaw & Mike Quackenbush
6. Atomico Incredibles: Player Dos, Mitch Ryder, STIGMA & Tim Donst vs. Player Uno, Buck Hawke, Vin Gerard & Hydra

“The Bobliographon″
April 26, 2009 – The Arena, Philadelphia, PA
1. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Mitch Ryder
2. Shark Girl vs. Sara Del Rey
3. Brodie Lee, Eddie Kingston & Grizzly Redwood [The Roughnecks] vs. Hallowicked, Delirious & Frightmare [Incoherence]
4. 4 Corners Elimination Match: Player Uno & Player Dos [Super Smash Bros.] vs. Jagged & Shane Matthews [2.0] vs. Colin Delaney & STIGMA [The UnStable] vs. KC “Cloudy” Day & Cheech Hernandez
5. Vin Gerard vs. Glacier

The match that is interesting to me, and sort of a CHIKARA tradition, is the “Atomico Incredibles”.
Basically in this match, four Tag Teams are involved and split into two teams, with each member of a Tag Team on opposing sides. This match has preciously had positive and negative ramifications for teams involved and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same happened in this match.

Seeing Shark Girl in CHIKARA is quite awesome as well, more from my viewpoint as I’m quite a big fan of the girl under the mask, ex-WCW worker and currently in SHIMMER teaming with Ms Chif, Daffney. (And for those who didn’t know, Daffney is also “The Governor” in TNA)

Ring Of Honor also have two shows scheduled on the 24th and 25th of April, hence some of the CHIKARA roster not appearing at their shows as they’ll be at ROH instead.
Scheduled at the moment, for Dayton on April 24th is a Four Corner Survival involving Claudio Castagnoli, Silas Young, Matt “M-Dogg” Cross, and the debuting “Skullkrusher” Rasche Brown.
On April 25th at the Chicago Ridge is “The Homecoming II” show, signed so far is The Dark City Fight Club against Kevin Steen and El Generico.

ROH have also recently done their second set of TV tapings, before they took place Colt Cabana sent word to ROH officials that he’s very excited to be appearing once again in Philadelphia and even more so as part of the ROH on HDNet television tapings.
Cabana had also requested, and been granted, some open mic time to address the Philly faithful.
As I’m not one for spoilers of TV Tapings, you’ll have to watch the shows to find out what he has to say.

And with that, its time for the one, the only…………….. Indy Interview!!

Welcome to another Indy Interview here at Hazed & Confused, this week joining us is SHIMMER wrestler, Sara Del Rey.
Sara, thank you for joining us this week.
Thank you for having me!

We’ve got a few questions for you about wrestling and your career and we shall finish up with a few random ones. Some of these have also been sent in by our readers.
Ok..I’ll do my best to be honest and straight forward!

1)Firstly, for those who may be unfamiliar with you, could you give us some background information about yourself?
Sure! I am a professional wrestler from Martinez, California…I have been wrestling for about 8 years now.
After my first few years of wrestling in the California I went to Japan to live..train and work with A to Z. At the time it was still the Arsion Dojo ( one of the greatest female wrestling promotions ever) but some of the All Japan Women took it over ( another one of the greatest female wrestling promotions ever).
For the next few years I went back and forth between Japan..Mexico and America wrestling.
For the past few years I have been living on the East Coast and wrestling all over for ROH, SHIMMER, CHIKARA and everything in between.

2) What do you consider to be “UNIQUE” about yourself that differentiates you from other wrestlers?
I love the sport of pro wrestling I got into the profession because I loved the athletics of it. I really try to focus on basics of all different styles. I love to train and learn new stuff.
I think I am unique because I have trained everywhere and can get into the ring with anyone with any style and feel comfortable and confident.

3) Who do you consider to be the most influential people on your wrestling career?
Bryan Danielson..I love his wrestling style…It is modern but still true to old school wrestling.

4) Which wrestlers do you see as being an inspiration to the wrestling business?
Oh there are so many….Shawn Michaels, HHH, Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Dynamite Kid, Andre the Giant, Aja Kong, Chygusa Nagano, Bull Nakano, Manami Toyota, Negro Cassas and Johnny Saint just to name a few.

5) What do you consider to be the greatest advice you have received in the wrestling business and from whom?
I don’t know if anyone specifically told me or I just figured it out but I think the greatest advice for someone who wants to wrestle is don’t give up.
When I started I knew if was going to be hard but I told myself stick with it even if it takes 10 years you will eventually get to where you want to be if you just work hard.

6) What would you see as being highlights in your career to date?
Wrestling Manami Toyota.

7) Five years from now, where would you like to see your wrestling career?
I would like to see myself on TV :) still wrestling and still healthy.

8) What type of training/conditioning do you do for wrestling?
I get a lot of fans yelling crap at me for having big legs…it is soooo annoying because I train to be an athlete. I do an hour in the morning of lifting..Plyometrics or whatever my workout routine calls for then I go back at night after my last meal for 30-60 min of cardio.
Being a wrestler you have to be strong in so many different ways so I always change my workouts and try new things.

9) What do you consider to be the best thing about being a wrestler?
Meeting your idols…the people that influenced your life is something not many people get to do.

10) What are your thoughts on the movie “The Wrestler” and its portrayal of the Indy circuit?
I though the movie was good and for the most part pretty accurate.
Although I have been in many locker rooms and NEVER seen a steroid deal go down. I guess it happens but I have never seen it so that was sorta weird.

11) Are there any companies that you haven’t yet worked for that you would like to?
WWE….I have never been backstage or anything so I am pretty curious how that would be.

12) Who have you had the most fun working with or teaming with?
I got to team and work with a girl in Japan named Mika Nishio and we always had such a good time. Also tons of girls here in the states….Awesome Kong, Cheerleader Melissa, Nikki Roxx, Sereena Deeb etc.

13) And who, that you haven’t worked or teamed with yet would you like to?
Aja Kong…she is my idol

14) How did you come up with your gimmick and ring name?
My name was given to me by one of my early trainers I think he though that was my real name..
My gimmick came from my frustration with women’s wrestling in general. So many girls get into wrestling for the wrong reason and don’t fully train or even want to…I am stuck wrestling them..It is frustrating to work with people who don’t care as much as you…I think I work hard to be takes serious and it angers me to know these other broads do not.
So now I have an obvious angry look and more aggressive wrestling style.

15) Who would you say, in your opinion, is the best female wrestler of all time?
It all depends on what you like but I would say Bull Nakano, Akira Hokuto or Aja Kong

16) Your given control of the WWE’s female division, what do you change and who do you bring in?
I would work and have group training sessions every day with them. It seems to me they just run through the paces I would work on trying to bring more realism to the matches.
I would bring in more diverse girls..girls who look less like models just to shake up the match stories. All the girls there look amazing but similar and without difference they all seem generic.

17) Have you found it harder to be taken serious as a wrestler by being female? Esp as you have been in matches against males?
Not regularly. I am lucky because I think I have a very good reputation.
People know me and know how I train and who I have trained with so I think I have a certain respect.

18) Being involved with SHIMMER, do you think they are changing peoples opinions on Womens wrestling away from what the WWE produce as the mainstream?
Thats what I hear. Girls are always coming up to me telling me how much they appreciate SHIMMER…but changing the perception of the mainstream I think will be much harder.

19) Finally, what advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining the wrestling business?
Make sure you can dedicate yourself to it because going into it half hearted you will not get as much out of it. Also stick with it…it is hard!

And now for some less serious questions.

Favorite TV Show?
Golden Girls

Favorite Movie?
Not sure I have one

Favorite Band and/or Song?
Again..not sure I have one..I like anything I can sing along to.

Who is cooler, Chuck Norris or Mr T?
Chuck Norris

And finally, any message for the readers of Hazed & Confused?
Yeah if you want anymore information about me go to myspace.com/saradelrey

Thank you very much for joining us here, we appreciate you finding some time for us in your schedule and we all would like to wish you the best for the future.
Thank you!

So another interview in the books, next weeks will be with CHIKARA’s Tim Donst so check that one out in the next issue.

So thats all from me for this issue, thank you for joining me and I shall be back same place same time or thereabouts.

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