Gorgeous, healthy glow… in 3 simple steps!

Blushed cheeks are a universal symbol of youth, sex and beauty. While glowing cheeks come naturally if you’re hot, cold or exercising, you don’t need to do any of these things to achieve them.

Beautiful cheeks are totally cheatable. Here’s how to get them…

Choose your blush

There are a range of different rouge options available, depending on the look you’re after. For radiant, healthy looking cheeks, you can’t go past Larissa Bright Guava Blush, with it’s dusty rosey hues – it’s just divine! For those with darker skin or who enjoy a earthy, taupe palette, the Elderberry blush is just right for you.
TRY: Larissa Bright 100% Mineral Highlighting Blush. RRP: $ 35.95

Not all blushes are alike, even powdered blushes are vastly different. Larissa Bright Australia Mineral Blush is made from pure, Australian Minerals. It contains NO talc, cornstarch or any other fillers – just pure, earthy minerals.

You will notice the difference as your skin will feel as if you are not wearing makeup at all! No itching or drying feelings with our shea infused formula! Our minerals are so pure, they are heavily concentrated – a little goes a long way! Our micas and minerals are lovingly ground into soft, silky light weight powders, straight from Mother Earth into your makeup kit!

Prep your skin

Apply your usual moisturiser, concealer and finish with foundation before blush and allow to set and sink in for a few minutes so you’re not applying blush over a moist surface.

Your Larissa Bright Mineral Hydro Cream Foundation triples as a Concealer, Foundation and Illuminator. Use a colour that is one shade lighter than your normal foundation shade (your winter shade foundation) and dab away under your eyes to conceal any dark circles.

What makes a cream foundation better than a powder? Cream based foundations are hydrating to the skin; they help lock in the moisture from your moisturising treatments. The dry lightweight with a beautiful, matte complexion

TRY: Larissa Bright 100% Mineral Hydro Cream Foundation. RRP: $ 44.95

Get the tools of the trade

The best way to apply rouge is with a really fluffy, dense brush like the Larissa Bright Large Blush Brush. Using a little brush that will not produce the same professional results because a really dense, fluffy brush picks up more particles and distributes them more evenly – it’s also specially shaped to aid sweeping.
TRY: Larissa Bright Professional Mineral Makeup Brush Set. RRP: $ 39.95


Gently dab and sweep your brush in your blush a couple of times to get an even coating across the surface of the brush, pat of the excess. Now smile like you just won lotto! Smiling will help you to find your cheek-line. Starting at the base of your cheek-line (near your mouth) sweep upwards underneath your cheekbone toward your temple. Repeat once for a more flushed look.

Organic Skincare products are used extensively by many people to glow their skin. There are some Party Plan Companies as well that are involved in skin care. Get in touch with any skin specialist and beautify your skin.

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