Get Rid of Razor Bumps Easily and Forever

Get rid of razor bumps with an easy and simple shaving technique. After shaving many people of color or with curly hair suffer from razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Razor bumps occur after shaving when your shave is done improperly.

There are products available that treat razor bumps, but the bumps will keep coming back if you don’t take measures to prevent them. If you already suffer from razor bumps then it’s a good idea to use some form of treatment the night before you shave. Less bumps will mean a smoother shave and less of a chance that you’ll infect the bumps you already have.

You should also use a needle nosed tweezer to pull out any hairs that may be embedded underneath the top layers of your skin. Don’t pull the hair all the way out from the root, just take it from underneath your skin. Pulling the hair out from the root could cause an infection.

Treating razor bumps will not solve the problem alone, you need to prevent the razor bumps if you really want to get rid of them. A different shaving routine is necessary in order to prevent them.

If you follow the steps I’m about to outline you should see a noticeable difference in your razor bumps in a couple of weeks.

* Get a gentle face scrub and use it to wash your face anytime you are going to shave. The scrub will gently remove layers of skin and this in turn will help you get a closer shave.

* After using the face scrub you should shower before you shave. The warm water from the shower will serve two purposes, you will make your hair softer and you will open your pores. Wrapping your face with a hot towel will also serve the same purpose.

* Before starting to shave use a shave oil.

* Use the shaving oil in combo with shaving gel or shaving cream. Try to avoid the foaming shave creams as a non-foaming gel is better for your skin and overall shave.

* Never use an old razor to shave. Using an old razor will only lead to more ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

* Stroke your face with the razor in the same direction that your hair grows. For me I shave in a downward slant on my cheeks and straight down on my chin. Avoid shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

* Once you’re finished shaving use cold water to rinse off your face. This cold water rinse will close your pores.

* Use a skin toner or astringent to stop inflammation. I usually use either witch hazel or tend skin solution.

* One of the most important post shave rituals is making sure that your face is properly moisturized. Use a post shave lotion that contains spf.

You should follow the above shaving regimen every other day or when your hair starts to grow. This will keep your skin healthier in the long run.

If you take time to follow these steps every time you shave your bumps will clear in no time.

Try using a product such as Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser before you shave. Get more tips and advice on how to get rid of razor bumps as well.

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