Flawless Foundation & Concealer Routine

Visit this link for product list: http://www.habibadasilva.com/foundation-concealer-routine/ ‎

Hijab from: http://www.voilechic.com/

Skincare routine demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIMEYORzNg4

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20 thoughts on “Flawless Foundation & Concealer Routine”

  1. y r says:

    So nice to see a British Muslim sister who isn't putting makeup on which is 10 shades lighter and keeping it real ! :-) And I only mention British as I can easily get the products as I'm in uk London near stratford Westfields , yayyyyyyy

  2. Hafeezahhb says:

    Hey Could you please do a beginners makeup look as I hav just gotten in to makeup! (Neutral easy simple look) just like the basics on how to apply makeup correctly😊 n I love how you do ur makeup💕

  3. Husna Maab says:

    habiba can you help me with dry skin my skin is very dry and my concealer and foundation always gets cakey i really need help thank u

  4. Hannah Nathalie says:

    love your videos! u make me want to have my own channel, in France! if u can check it, and tell me what u think, it'll be an honor. 💜

  5. Sara Leena says:

    when you would literally kill for her skin 😍 and her face….

  6. Naomie Mze says:

    Hi what's the music please ? :)

  7. mashael AA says:

    Go ahead you are perfect

  8. CatchYouLaterr says:

    do you prefer this foundation brush or the sigma?

  9. CatchYouLaterr says:

    do you prefer this foundation brush or the sigma?

  10. Sara Marjan says:

    omg girl i loved your foundation routine !! and ur so pretty mashalla 😀 !

  11. S bd says:

    Mashallah so beautiful

  12. randomemilylalaz says:

    You are seriously one of the most prettiest women I have ever seen

  13. Kinder Alrashdi says:

    What shades are you in the too faced born this way foundation

  14. lana a says:

    You're so beautiful ❤️❤️

  15. Hamida Quliyeva says:

    Oh my God. Its more for muslim woman!!!

  16. Jamila coulibaly says:

    What shop do they sell the concealer in Westfield 💖

  17. Rahama Hamza says:

    Your really pretty MashaAllah 😍😍

  18. Lujain Faraj says:

    pretty :)

  19. live tomorrow says:

    what shade r u in banana powder

  20. live tomorrow says:

    are u light or deep medium skin tone ?

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