Fascinating History Of Mascara

The first time I got in touch with mascara was around 18. At that time, mascara was a new product to me. I can never imagine mascara actually has its origin far back in the BC 400. In the time of BC 400, early mascaras made from burnt almond, honey and crocodile stool were used to enhance ancient Egyptian women’s’ beauty and attractiveness. Like us, the ancient Egyptian women apply mascara on eyelashes in order to reshape their eye contour. This is not a joke. You can find solid evidences from the ancient Egyptian wall paintings and statues.

Not only Egyptian women, long and black lashes were essential to ancient Romans around BC 100. Ancient Romans believed that over sexuality was the reason for falling out of eyelashes. Therefore, long and black eyelashes were the only way to prove a woman’s chastity. They applied mixture of burnt rose petals, date pits, soot and stibium as mascara on their eyelashes.

In AC 900, a beauty school had been established by a writer called Ziryab in Persia. He taught women on how to use mascara and how to extract the natural cosmetic from soot and stibium.

In AC 1500, the popularity of mascara was very much obstructed by the church. During the period of revival of letters, women were driven crazy by Simonetta Vespucci makeup look. Mascara became the hottest product at that time. Women used crushed walnut shells to make their eyelashes dark.

During the Victorian era in 1850, every woman was enthusiastic about makeup and cosmetics. One of the main drives of this flow of enthusiasm was the painters from Pre-Rapahelite Brotherhood as they loved to draw women with long eyelashes. But, there was no significant improvement of mascara production technology and mascaras were still made from ashes and erberry.

In 1917, a spice merchant from France, Eugene Rimmel launched the first mascara in the market. The main ingredients were Vaseline and soot. This brand becomes the Rimmel London nowadays with Kate Moss as the spokesperson.

There were tragedies caused by the use of mascara in 1933. Several women were dead and blinded after the use of Lash Lure mascara. Due to these tragedies, safety rules and regulations on foods, medicines and cosmetics were imposed by the FDA.

In the past, the mascara and the mascara brush were separated. But, they are combined in a tube since the launch of combined mascara from Maybelline in 1960. That first combined mascara from Maybelline was safe, mild and waterproof and therefore was so popular in the whole world.

In 1988, Max Factor launched the first colorless mascara which was so hot among the nude fans.

Mascara technology nowadays has been improved significantly. They are made for different creative functions like curling, volumizing, eyelashes growth, eyelashes nourishment, etc. It is really difficult to image how mascara is going to look like in 10 years time!

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