Eyeshadow Tips And Tricks

Looking for Eye Shadow Tips? If you’ve ever struggled to get your eye shadow on just right, don’t feel bad. Even after years of wearing makeup women still end up with crooked-looking, spotty, mismatched or smeared eye shadow. The good news is that there are eye shadow makeup tips that can help everyone.

Color it Right:

There’s a rainbow of colors from which to choose for your eye shadow, including metallic hues and shadows with sparkles. There are a couple of considerations in making a decision on just the right shade. If you want your eyes to really pop then use a color similar to that of your eyes. If you want your outfit to tie your entire look together, then use a color that complements the clothing.

Blend it to Mend it:

Start at the base of your eye near the lash with a lighter shade of the main color you’ve chosen. Add the main color on your lid and a highlighter in between. Remember to start out lightly with your hues so it’s not over the top. Then use a cotton swab to gently blend them so you can’t see distinct lines where one stops and the other begins.

Build a good Foundation:

There are some great eye shadow foundations on the market. As with the rest of your makeup, choosing the right foundation means having that tidy radiance for the entirety of your day or night out. If you’re only going for an hour or so, you may not have issues with eye shadow smudging, but longer events mean you need a foundation and finisher that will keep you from becoming Cinderella.

Glow and Glimmer, Smoke and Shimmer:

Know when to shimmer and when to stick with plain colors. If you have a lot of wrinkles around your eyes or serious bags, do not use a shimmery eye shadow. And if you’re going for a smoky eye look, don’t extend it beyond the crease of your eye. This can actually make your eyes look smaller or “bruised”

Eye Shadow Tips: White makes Right!

If you feel like your eyes aren’t sparkly, you can use a white eye pencil to change that drab feeling. Just put a dot of white near your tear duct on the lid. It brightens things right up.

Powder or Cream?

Powder and cream eye shadows both have advantages. Powder eye shadow offers longevity for those extended events. Cream is great for when you’re getting ready quickly and don’t want to fuss as much.

The Skin you’re In:

Another approach to eye shadow coloring is coordinating it with your skin tone. If you’ve got olive skin, for example, you can definitely wear metallic along with green and green blue. Fair skinned folk should follow the lightness in their skin with similarly light eye shadow (pastels being ideal in daylight). If you have dark skin again metallic will work, as will colors lighter than your skin tone (but not too light).

Shadow me Pretty

If you have close-set eyes, using a lighter color eye shadow at the outer corner creates the illusion of broadening the eyes. Wide set eyes? Just flip the positioning and put most of your color on the inner half of the eye.

Like anything, practice makes perfect but following these tips should make for greater success.

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