Eyeshadow Application Advice and Tricks

The eyes are such a great feature to play up. One of the best ways to make your eyes really pop is to use eye shadow. It seems easy enough to put a little shadow on the eye lids, but it can take a little practice to figure out how to make the application look perfect. You want to be sure that both eyes match and that the shadow isn’t too dark or blotchy.

If you want to achieve the perfect look with your eyes, just follow these few tips. First of all, it is vital that you blend the eye shadow colors you use. Most people use about three different colors, but if you don’t blend them, it can look choppy. It is always best to start light and then go darker if you think you need more color. This will make it easier to make sure you get a nice smooth blend.

Blending the shadows together works best if you have a good brush to do it with. Another way to help make sure the colors are blended well is to start out applying the shadow light and then going darker if necessary. You can blend lighter application better and then apply more color and continue to blend.

Another key to a beautiful eye shadow application is to use a good base color. The smoky look can be really hot, but sometimes it’s overdone. If you are going for a smoky look, be sure not to apply a dark color on the brow bone. For a more natural look, use a light neutral tone as the base color. Using a lighter color on the brow bone will always help the eyes to look more open.

Using a primer or a concealer is always a good idea. It can help you accomplish two things. First of all, it will help the eye shadow keep its true color. Sometimes skin tones can alter the color of the eye shadow, but a primer will help avoid this. It will also help your makeup last a lot longer. You want the work you put into your make up to last so that you don’t have to bother with reapplication.

Shimmer eye shadow instead of a matte will make eyes appear bright and sparkly. A nice shimmer is beautiful, but it’s helpful to know that the sparkle will also bring out the wrinkle in your eyes. If you are worried that your eye lids will appear too wrinkly with a shimmer shadow, use a matte color on the lid, but apply a little shimmer to the brow bone. This can give you the bright pop without playing up any wrinkles.

Eye shadow comes in endless colors. If you take the time to experiment a little with your eye makeup, you can create a beautiful look that is all your own.

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