Eyes cleansing – an essential step before sleep

During the day, whether you blush harsh or less harsh, or even not at all, eye and face cleansing is essential in the evening before bedtime. You have to think that even the air that your skin breathes is toxic and inevitable impurities cling to you. Eye cleansing have to be done more carefully than the rest of the face, because the skin around the eyes is much smoother and more sensitive and thus you risk irritation or even wrinkles appear due to use of improper cleansing. When you get ready for the bed do not forget to clean your skin and provide yourself the moments, minutes or hours required to achieve this habits.

Everything must be done with great gentleness and precision, because after all the result must to be the removing of makeup residue, removing all dirt collected during the day, from the atmosphere and the makeup applied, and if your ritual is not done properly, the results may be the most unpleasant, involving skin wrinkles but also weakening. First of all you should know that cleansing begins by removing eye shadow on the eyelids, which is must be made necessarily with a soft cleansing milk, specially designed for cleaning eye.

Other essential steps in cleansing eye are the movements. They should always be circular and not in any sense but in a clockwise direction. The skin around the eyes has their own anatomy and must be respected and treated with kindness. This ritual is not the ordinary one, made just for the sake of being performed but is vital, because it stimulates blood circulation to the eyes and manages to avoid the appearance of fluffy appearance and puffiness. When you soak cotton pad in cotton not be afraid to get as much milk cleanser because it will help you better achieve circular motion. Start with the inner corner and continue to the outside, then down under the eyes from outside to inside.

After you remove eye shadow, mascara remains. This is probably the most difficult to remove because it prints well on your eyelashes and if you use waterproof mascara, cleansing will become even more difficult. If you do not properly remove the mascara from the eyelashes, it can stay there while they bonded and fall. So be careful not to run out. Furthermore, to remove mascara, use cotton discs, because they are much softer and better clinging debris. Try to avoid milk cleanser to penetrate the eyes.

Elmiplant Skin Moisture Nutritive Eye Make-up Remover contains natural ingredients that gently cleanse skin and nourish the gentle eye area. It contains vitamin B5, which gives skin elasticity and cotton proteins that reduce irritation and nourish the eyelashes.
With a gentle and nutritional formula, this eye makeup remover effectively cleans and protects the skin against irritation. It is ophthalmologist tested and suitable even for contact lens wearers.

After you remove all makeup from the eyes do not forget to clean your face with a cleansing milk and if you feel your skin is too clogged by cleansing milk and all sorts of other wonders, try to wash your face with warm water and then wipe with a soft towel. After you’ve made eye cleansing ritual not forget to apply a toner because it’s very important to moisturize and refresh your skin, so you can keep smooth, toned and beautiful. Then use a special cream for eyes to calm and nourish the skin during the night and a cream for face that will also moisturize and protect skin throughout the night.

Stefania write blog articles for Sanatatea Medical Center where you can find more details about Elmiplant Skin Moisture Nutritive Eye Make-up Remover and other more information about skin care.

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