Eyebrow Henna Application

Have some gaps in your brows you fill in w/ powder or pencil? Well I discovered a beauty secret in Kuwait that I’ve never heard of in the US (why???). HENNA (actually it isn’t henna but hair powder dye that the ladies at the salon call ‘henna’) creates a fuller brow, plus it is easier to style, and b/c it colors your skin you can go weeks without having to fill in those gaps. It’s so easy!

Background Music: All Together Separate
*I know some of you don’t like my song choice, but this is my way of talking to you about God. So I make no apologies about the song :) God loves you all.
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20 thoughts on “Eyebrow Henna Application”

  1. Badd Birrl says:

    How long does it last

  2. LekiaLPTBeauty says:

    Love the music and your message about it in your description box

  3. Kay Dee says:

    omg, I love this song, haven't heard it in forever! !!

  4. Naureen says:

    Can I use dark black somalian henna for my eyebrows?

  5. kristina mendoza says:

    What works if you don't have hair where it starts your eyebrow I mean lol.

  6. LIZ lh says:

    que musica tan estorbosa ..fatal

  7. florenna says:

    This Bigen powder dye is actually full of toxic chemicals…! Well, so are all chemical hair dyes, but I wouldn't put them on my eyebrows anyway ;)

  8. Gra Piken says:

    Hate the music

  9. Layla Mills says:

    Great video! How long do you leave it on to process, before you wash it off?

  10. Maggie Matullo says:

    She is not using a Toothpick with Cotton Wrapped around it with some water. The same way you would wrap an orange stick with cotton to clean up nails.
    This is for better control and better lines a cotton swab is too blunt.

  11. Naja Davis says:

    How long did it last? I'm looking for something to leave a stain on my skin for vacation. 

  12. Kimberly Martin says:

    Love the song ☺️☺️

  13. Norma Rose says:

    What do we do after it dries?

  14. Angela Gregg says:

    Where can I order the dying product?

  15. Kimmiie Michelle Phillips says:

    Love love love the song !

  16. Mariam says:

    I've used this amazing trustful brand "Bigen" to color my hair since I was 16 (I'm 22 now). Unlike every other hair dye, to me, it has the most subtle feminine scent and most affordable, yet is so pigmented. <3 I was always scared to use it on my brows though, as it is advised NOT to do so. But I'm glad I came across your video and thank goodness, it looks lovely on you. I shall try to it today. Thank you!

  17. Artur Karapetyan says:

    You know when the end of the world is coming when people actually think 3d brows are pretty whats wrong with the society??

  18. Beathe Sanden (Beatrix) says:

    How long does the dye stain on the SKIN last? I need something that also lasts for a long time on the skin.

  19. Chepa Mendiola says:

    Pretty cool

  20. Sam says:

    I like the version of Ain't No Sunshine you posted :) Please check our version out and "like it" if you like it :)
    This is an awesome version of the cover… Pl… http://youtu.be/CvrKHQ88JEA

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