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Skin Solutions for Men Scrub designed as a deep cleansing scrub gently scrubs away dead skin cells and blackheads. It also improves the texture of the skin and unclogs pores. Scrub is packed with herbal extracts, essential oils and vitamins to leave your skin feeling moisturized, revitalized and renewed.

I used a face scrub before your face to help get rid of dead skin cells and blackheads, sometimes consists of my nose. However, most of those tried were too strong in my dry skin and felt like something was grinding material 60 grit sandpaper. Most of them, I was left feeling green instead of facing up to date. So for a time I shunned the face scrubs, opting instead to use the face wash. But when Skin Solutions for Men owner recommended I try the face scrub out there and see how I like it, I really was game to give it a try.

Scrub intrigued me, because it is unlike any facial scrub that I’seen before. Not too many facial scrubs contain all natural ingredients such as green tea, rice, walnut shell powder, wheat germ oil and lavender, just to name a few. Quite a lineup!

So I opened up the Face Scrub bathtub and opened the protective film. Immediately I noticed that it has a rich earthy green color to it, almost like a face mask. You can see just by looking at it, it is packed with a small pot pieces, which are made of walnut shell .thing I check whether the Scrub your breath. My joy was to clean it with a mild earthy smell of menthol tinge.

So I wet my face with warm water to open your pores help because other directions. I get your finger on a dime-sized amount of scrub and placed my palm. I have three fingers to apply it to your face and restore it to my face and neck in a circular motion, as described in the manual.

While the scrub was no doubt that the was not stingy with the abrasive ingredient. I could feel the grinding ingredients all over my face while I applied a very small amount.

By the time I applied it to my face and neck, I noticed that I’m just used to a dime-sized amount in my palm I had a third. I thought that I would have to use a lot more of Scrub cover the entire face and neck, but that was not the case. I can tell from the amount that I need to use one application to scrub goes a long way. I would venture to guess that the 4-ounce tub of Scrub will last for at least six months to a year, using it to 2:58 twice a week as recommended.

The next step was to wash your face and see how it felt. I was a little worried that it may be washed clean, as it is rich and creamy scrub, but only a few handfuls of water splashed on my face scrub was washed completely a plus in my book!

So now that the most important part. How | s facial scrub to leave your face feeling? Smooth, soft, refreshed and clean all of the words that come to mind. I was a little worried that the scrub will leave my face a little dry when I use it. But after a thorough scrubbing your face, rinse it off and dry it, my face felt great. It was still not dry, it felt silky smooth and very soft. To be one hundred percent honest, I used to wash away the face, which left my skin dry, and scrub with an abrasive ingredient to leave my face feeling moisturized surprising.

In summary, I have to say that is the best facial scrub I have ever used before. is used by some of the highest quality ingredients known men& | s skin care and formulate them into an ultra premium scrub that will leave your face feeling exfoliated, clean, soft and hydrated. It will also remove dead skin cells, which can cause your face to look dull and blah.

I would definitely recommend Scrub sincere, and that every one of its customers. With how great it works and how little you have to use the scrub will be very hard to beat by anyone. Now I know why it’s not flying off the shelves. Great work !!!

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