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Rimmel London Clear Complexion Pressed Powder.

Price- £3.99.
Weight 16g.
Shade- 021 Transparent.

This powder is not the best for oily skin, not to drying. Just does the job and sets the foundation.

The powder claims to ‘Clarifies skin thanks to pure skin complex known to minimize skin breakouts’
What a load of BULL SHIT. I didn’t notice any different with my skin.

Very pale though so if you have fair skin you no where to go.
If you want a powder just to set the foundation or concealer I would recommend you try this out.
Can get quite powdery if you put to much on.

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Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder-

Shade- 001 Transparent.
Price- £3.99.

Well…. This is a very well loved powder by most people, i use this powder a lot and it last for ages and has not even hit pan!
If you have oily skin well you need to go and buy this right now girl!
Great for keeping you matte, It claims ‘Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals.’ Well for me I usually get oily on my nose so I touch up about every 3 hours. But that’s cause my nose is an ass hole and gets so FUCK-IN OILY! Dam you nose:(
DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU HAVE DRY/FLAKY SKIN. It will just not work of you honey!
This can get a bit powdery if you apply to much, a little does go a long way!
I love the colour match, doesn’t change the colour of my foundation which it great! Would highly recommenced if you have oily skin!

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NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder.

Shade- 701A Translucent.

Great powder if you have very fair skin, don’t expect this to keep you matte though.
Not to drying, just sets the foundation really into place. Excellent for the price, Great for quick touch-ups throughout the day!

Where To Buy-

Rimmel London Match Perfection Silky Losses Powder.

Shade- 001 Transparent.

I am not a huge fan of losses powders, but this does go really well with the match perfection foundation by Rimmel.
Does remained me of the NYC powder, I would just say buy the NYC to save so money.
But both very much the same. This is not going to give you a matte complexion great if you have dry skin.

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Maybelline New York Fit Me Powder-

Shade- 120 Classic Ivory.

Great powder if you have dry/flaky skin, will set your make up with out drying your skin out.
If you have oily skin I am afraid this is not going to work for you.
Great little powder to bring out with you in your bag for touch ups, love the packing!
Gives a natural finish and feels fresh and light on the skin!

Where To Buy-

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder.

Shade- Natural Fair.

Great powder if you have oily skin omg! I do think this is a tad bit better than rimmel stay matte, don’t get me wrong it is a great little powder. But if you have REALLY REALLY oily skin try this bad boy out.
Does keep you matte a lot longer, can get very cakey and powdery if you apply to much.
Don’t try this if you have dry/flaky skin. Even through I do suffer from dry skin, I do have very oily skin to. So when I put on powder like this they can get a bit dry. But later on my skin gets oily again so it just socks up the dryness.
If you have skin like mine I would say try it out and see what you think.

Where To Buy-

Maybelline New York Super Stay 24 Hour Pressed Powder.

Shade- 010 Ivory.
Weight- 9g.

Umm… just does the job sets make up, not to drying. But doesn’t control the oils very well.
Can get powdery if apply to much. Nothing really more i can say about this powder. So yeah…

Where To Buy-


Collection Pressed Powder.

Shade- 01 Candelight.
Weight- 18g.

Pretty much just like maybelline super stay, does the job sets everything in place.
Not to drying, doesn’t control the oils very well.
The only different is that this doesn’t get cakey at all! Great for the money, defo try it out!
It claims to ‘Contain Silk, Vitamin E, UVA & UVB Sunscreen.

Where To Buy-


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  1. Mercedes Baker says:

    No one wants to listen to swearing specially young girls that would be watching.

  2. Shania Staples says:

    I use the maybelline 24hour super stay powder and i have super oily skin. It works wonders on me. Never have to do touch ups or anything…

  3. Morgan Evans says:

    collection one is my fav

  4. Runa Begum says:

    wow bare hand gestures! really not necessary

  5. Rachel Deehan says:

    Well there's one girl who likes to say Mother Fucker👆🏻👆🏻

  6. Isabel Lewis says:

    what do you reccomend for setting concealer, and making you look more matte, also one which looks natural?

  7. Sarina Karim says:

    I'm confused , I thought you was a dry skin girl loool did your skin type change

  8. Chris Flynn says:

    Everybody's crying about the swearing… You're hilarious! :) x 

  9. natalie.cath says:


  10. liel cohen says:

    i want a powder to put on after a cc cream witch won? i have oily skin

  11. Женская Красота says:

    Стоящая информация!!!

  12. Kathrinee〈3 says:

    Any matte drugstore powders that are for dry skin and actually look good?

  13. flee2321 says:

    What powder are you wearing in the video? 

  14. Julie Mccoy says:

    Wow your so pretty but your cussing makes u a ghetto white trash 

  15. Alison Ong says:

    I normally get bored when watching reviews, but this is never the case with you! You're so funny and helpful.

  16. jessicaajaydee says:

    I have dry skin and use the rimmel stay matte powder every day and I love it! Doesn't go powdery or crumble ha and has even lasted over 8hours for me!

  17. juliachtosino says:

    I love your personality! I hate that some beauty gurus on YouTube act all fake, so for you of give honest reviews was a major help. Also I think the swearing is hilarious!

  18. Priscilla Nieto says:

    Every single time I search for certain makeup reviews your videos come up. I click on them thinking I'll actually hear some good feedback but instead all I get is swearing. People don't come to here to learn a new slur of bad words. Get it together & spend less time cussing & more time actually discussing the products you have in hand. 

  19. Kay Ti says:

    Your honesty is fucking hilarious, cracked up !!x

  20. Makayla Sorensen says:

    Thankyou so much! Personally, i don't like the rimmel stay matte powder

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