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3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Epsom salts are made up of a naturally occurring mineral that is found in water. More properly known as magnesium sulfate.

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Trust in God

If your skin is extremely sensitive, we recommend consulting with your physician before trying this scrub.

We have had great testimonies on how this has helped with reducing acne and reducing to eliminating all types of scarring.

Always remember many of our skin problems are mostly caused due to a poor diet / lifestyle or re-actions to artificial creams / products.

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  1. Roger Moore says:

    tried this and now, all my skin and flesh are torn off. I look like Skeletor..

  2. Ashley Shaw says:

    owy ouuuchhhh!! why so rough I
    think you caused irritation to her face

  3. YouTubie16 says:

    Rosy red blush = Irritated skin

  4. Yaned Rivera says:

    God is good you people dont know what you are saying , god loves everybody but not your sins.

  5. Kashae Maxwell says:

    thats shit just gave me a big red burning pimple

  6. Nombasa Kumalo says:

    Thank you for sharing! God bless you

  7. Mariah Morris says:

    I'm sorry but her edges are tf laid

  8. KC Carter says:

    Just finished my Epsom salt face scrub and I must admit it really works and my face feels amazingly soft. How often Should I do this face scrub? Cuz I have really oily skin and I stay breaking out 

  9. nails4sanam says:

    Hi I agree 😃. Recently I have been suffering from acne that is big red painful to touch and hard nodules kind of in just right side of my cheek. Not anywhere else. And it takes weeks to just heal but the bumps I can still feel after its healed I guess. So if I touch my right cheek all I feel is hard nodules 7-8 at a time. I have tried all the home remedies that they swear by to get rid of acne. ACV, lemon, turmeric (slowly works) ginger whatever natural things they claim I have tried it. Nothing worked but made it worse. I even tried Tanda zap but whenever I saw zit coming I treated and all it did was grew bigger and bigger. So I was googling about nodular acne and in one of the article they mentioned Epsom salt as face pack. I gave a try and I noticed that after 3 days those nodules I felt on my skin for last several months was getting flatter and smaller. I apply Epsom salt mix with just few drops water make like paste and apply to face and leaving for 10 min. until it dries. Then gently rub it off and rinse my face. I have also stopped applying any moisturizer too. I use to apply pure Argan oil (light) but I wanted Epsom salt to work so I only use face cleanser from Olay. And that's it. No moisturizer. And it has improved my skin a lot. It's been 4 days now and bumps are getting small almost disappearing. And acne scars are lightly fading. I m so happy to try this. It may not work for everyone but it's worth a try at least once. 

  10. T.Nae says:

    Jill scott look alike wow

  11. ash86marie says:

    At the end when she was smiling and it was a close up she looked just like Jill Scott

  12. Crissy Tina says:

    The background looks so beautiful , lake is beautiful

  13. Richard's World says:

    Women porn stars have wonderful skin on their faces. You should try those kind of facials also.

  14. ROYAL GARMENT says:

    Hi Fathima A, Once a week is fine. If you see any negative results decrease it to once every 2 weeks. Try rubbing natural aloe plant right after you do the salt scrub.:)

  15. ROYAL GARMENT says:


  16. ROYAL GARMENT says:

    Yes you can use it for all your body. Salt scrubs, really great for stimulating blood circulatory. After doing this as a facial, we normally rub natural aloe plant to keep our skin moistened. :)

  17. Soulful Whimsy says:

    I would suggest you also add a little glycerin too.

    Otherwise this will dry your skin out dramatically and most of the crystals will just end up on the floor.

    You can use this on your hands too.

  18. Nellz says:

    This is great! Definitely will be doing this!

  19. Ellen A says:


    how often should we do this scrub? is once a week ok?

  20. Danniekitten says:

    thanks so much…i cant wait to see the video for marks…ive tried everything..even lemon juice but it just irritates me….:)

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