DIY EOS Lip Balms TESTED! DIY Deodorant, Emoji EOS & More!

Testing DIY EOS Lip Balms!
Jeanine’s video:

In this video we are testing DIY EOS Lip balms! First we tried a diy cupcake EOS lip balm. It turned out alright, but the sprinkles make it a little weird when you actually use it. Next we did a DIY EOS Deodorant tested! This one probably turned out the best looking, but we aren’t sure if the deodorant recipe actually works that well because it seemed pretty oily, like it might stain your clothes! The last one was a total fail: DIY EOS emoji lip balm. I can see how this one could turn out… if your very talented at making EOS lip balms. The problem with this is the the black crayon would also get on your lips, turning them black or whatever crayon color you used. These EOS lip balms have been a crazy trend lately so we thought it would be interesting to put them to the test to see if these do it yourself projects really work!

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20 thoughts on “DIY EOS Lip Balms TESTED! DIY Deodorant, Emoji EOS & More!”

  1. Courtney Lassiter says:

    I love how she said "challenging" at 3:49

  2. Harli Turner Turner says:

    I did the deodorant but I just melted deodorant to be cheap and it came out very cool.

  3. Alexis Rodriguez says:

    #the struggle is real 😁 great video

  4. jAdamariE says:

    I get the chills when I see you tubers cut a brand new balm ahhhhh

  5. •Ava Soucek• says:

    No hate tho ⬇️

  6. •Ava Soucek• says:

    Jeanine looks like a recording

  7. Ahdia Bay says:

    I have made these you did it incorrectly

  8. Miss Sparkle says:

    With the emoji one maybe you should've freezer the emoji then put the lip balm in

  9. Tatiana & Sophia says:

    Everyone subscribe to this girl!!! She is almost at 1M and is amazing!!!!!

  10. Juwairia Sadik says:

    The last one made me laugh so hard

  11. Nicole Vasquez says:

    Ok I've done these they r so easy to pop back on

  12. swagpup 101 Pearl man says:

    On the emoji lip balm you are supposed to freeze the face features then ad the lip balm and also let it sit in the freezer longer

  13. Maddie Ferguson says:

    you guys did it wrong

  14. Jess McKeown says:

    you didnt do any right

  15. LiviJPenn says:

    I actually use the deodorant

  16. Dove Cameron says:


  17. titan friesen says:

    I'm younger than u guys and I can snap the grate on and off

  18. Popy Owl says:

    U should have used coconut oil. Not trying to be rude

  19. Two Vlogging Girls says:

    Love it!

  20. EPIC Msp Time says:

    for the emoji I heard your suppost to put Vaseline then put the face in the lid. freeze it for about 5 minutes then pour in your lip balm mixture and freeze it for another 30 minutes.

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