Cure Blushing – Simple Techniques To Stop Your Blushing

Facial blushing for many people is not a serious problem; they blush when they get embarrassed or when the “spot light” is on them. This is normal when blushing in these situations.

However there are equally as many people who blush in the face in many other situations making the sufferer feel awkward and stressed about their blushing which in turn causes them to blush even more.

What causes your face to go red when you blush is the blood vessels in your face swell when you have one or more self conscious thoughts.

Besides embarrassment and shyness, the two most common triggers for blushing is anxiety and the fear of being judged. These cause the body to go into stress and a way for it to handle it is to blush. A common trait many blushers have is a low self confidence and self esteem.

A good way to cure blushing and attack it at the core of the problem is to build your self esteem and confidence. So what is confidence and self esteem? is it basically the level to which you like your self.

Listen to your internal chatter, we all talk to ourselves all day long, some of us talk kindly about yourselves and other times we beat ourselves up over things we did or didn’t do. The first step to building your self esteem is to notice what you tell yourself. If it is not positive change it.

Confidence is a little different from self esteem as it is more related to competence. You may have heard a saying fake it till you make it. With confidence sometimes this is what you need to do, build it up slowly ans steady.

Confidence will build up slowly, think back when you first learned how to ride a bike, at the start you may have been a little shaky and not really sure about it, and then as you did it more and go faster you became more confident. In a few more weeks you were so confident you started doing jumps, etc.

This is how you need to build your self confidence, start small and work your way up.

To learn all the methods and treatments available to stop blushing without the use of expensive drugs, medications and definitely without surgery, visit this blog on how to cure blushing. Facial blushing can be stopped easily and simple with the right knowledge.

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