Cosplay 101: Coloring Your Eyebrows || MangoSirene

It’s summer, which means Cosplay 101 has returned! Huzzah!
I have lots of fun topics planned for this season, including budgeting, fitness, and posing, but first up is how to change the color of your eyebrows!

This video discusses two methods: the eyeshadow method, and the paint/glue method. Test out both and see which one you like better! Keep in mind there are MANY different ways to do this – these just happen to be the techniques I like best!


**COSPLAY 101**
In each video, I’ll be covering a different cosplay topic.
These videos will range from how-tos, tutorials, and discussions. 😀
If you have a topic that you want to know more about or would like to see included in this series, leave a comment or send me a message!


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Learn how to determine your ideal eyebrow shape by looking at your brow arch, length, and thickness.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

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40 thoughts on “Cosplay 101: Coloring Your Eyebrows || MangoSirene”

  1. Freaquin says:

    This is kinda random but how did you make your Medli nose/beak thing (or what from) (she's in the thumbnail so I figured I could ask here)

  2. Shania Benish says:

    I never thought to color my eyebrows. Mine are light and don't really show well when I have makeup on.

  3. BritWit says:

    the fact i have red hair and really dark brown eyebrows lol and i never dyed my hair sooooo lol

  4. S GeoList says:

    May of answered this already but do you just colour over natural eyebrows or do you cover and reshape them?

  5. patha orion says:

    I have a Gaara cosplay, and he has no eyebrows. Is their a faster way to get rid of eyebrows so it looks like you don't have any, without shaving them. It can take me half an hour just to do the eyebrows by doing school glue then layers of foundation.

  6. Neener says:

    "I said supernatural" lolzz

  7. Anime Chris Games says:

    People always make fun of my blonde eyebrows (I have brown hair) but HA I can color my eyebrows better

  8. Poke Emz says:

    any one here going to adrlaide supanova its in 3 weeks

  9. mikeyred73 says:

    Which out of the two methods do you use the most?

  10. Kamir Alexandra Bartolome says:

    Super helpful! Thank you!

  11. Liz Pinky says:

    Do you know of an easy way to hide your eyebrows? Like the character Gaara from Naruto Shippuden?

  12. Sophia Dick says:


  13. Cookie Corner says:

    my friends hair is actually pretty much that colour, she is SUPER ginger XD

  14. CTStyles31 says:

    Any tips for a guy with dark, bushy eyebrows? I'm looking to cosplay characters with white and blonde hair.

  15. RiverTheloneSnowWolf silver says:

    Finally having blond eyebrows with ginger hair comes in handy!

  16. meredith small says:

    That's awesome! I have never coloured my eyebrows to match a wig I wore but I've often wondered whether it's possible! I think it's the little touches that make the difference between a good cosplay and a great cosplay! Thank you so much for sharing! ~M x

  17. GoldVolkGaming says:

    You kinda look like Chiho from The Devil is a Part Timer! In this :D

  18. Hannah McBride says:

    Good method is also using white eyeliner on your brows. Once your brows are all white, use a eyeshadow for your desired color.

  19. Coscake says:

    I am russian and german, too (Well, I was born in germany and still live there soo..)
    What a coincidence :'D My eyebrows are a little lighter than my natural hair color, so they are not that dark

  20. Connie Winchester says:

    Hehehe Supernatural pun :')

  21. Ec123 says:

    omf yessss

  22. djuidje julie says:

    the models are gorgeous

  23. Abby C says:

    why is it always a guy?

  24. Mircheeky says:

    Gorgeous girls, however the third girl is perfection!

  25. c vanek says:

    I can never get my eyebrows to be the same shape. Sigh

  26. Chase Reed says:

    My eyebrows are usually more natural looking but cleaned up but I got them waxed today and they are so short and thin and it's awful..

  27. Rena Phuah says:

    This is like the best eyebrow video on YouTube. I need David in my life!

  28. ِArbel Chorev says:

    1:07 her name is Lisa Marie😐 #lisamariepresly #elvispresly #michaeljacksonswife

  29. jad says:

    what about for guys

  30. Evelyn K. says:

    What's the name of the second girl? Oh my god

  31. A Vidal says:

    Camera jumping all over the place!

  32. Chamberlin Fam says:

    The blonde has two completely different eyebrow shapes. I have this, too, so was hoping he'd address it. But he left her with two different eyebrows! Eek.

  33. Elise Stevenson says:

    why the white girl in the middle….

  34. jayleene arellano says:


  35. alasha ellis says:

    I love wearing make up but i eyebrows always give me a hard time to shape i like it thick

  36. Rainbow Sunshine says:

    I have naturally dark eyebrows and I don't like them because they make my face look harsher. I overpluck them at times and that makes them messy.
    I also don't find arches attractive on me (again because it makes my face features harsher)
    What do I do?
    I have an oval face shape if this is helpful.

  37. Sohanna says:

    Just love your great video.. Thanks for sharing…

  38. Ace Divina says:

    i have thin wide eyebrows, i dont know how to shape it well. if there could be a Video for diamond face, i could be very glade

  39. Hennessy Ebua says:

    second girl just took my breath away damn

  40. Amber Roberts says:

    This really helped so much! thank you so much! I've watched dozens of eyebrow tutorials! and this was by far the best!

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