Cosmetic Makeup – What You Need To Know

Cosmetic makeup is something that has been used since the ancient days of Egypt, having been worn by women, men and children well before it was primarily manufactured for women to wear. The original uses were used for spiritual measures, enhancement, or to give a sense of status. Nowadays, they are a commonly used beauty aid throughout most of today’s society.

Makeup is something that has come quite a long ways in regards to technological advancement, even within the last several decades. However, despite much of this, the main basics when concerning what the average cosmetic user wears daily still revolves around the same key elements of primers, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and gloss, eye shadow and blush.

Generally, the first preparations for a woman’s daily makeup routine will often involve the use of a good concealer, which are excellent when concerning issues of blemishes or discoloration such as shadows underneath the eyes, mouth and so forth. Following this, some prefer to use primers to help any makeup that will be applied after, in order to help it go on more smoothly.

Once concealers and primers have been applied to the face, the wearer will often apply a foundation which comes in either mineral, powder, wet/dry combination, or that of a liquid-based forms. Foundations are generally used for complete and virtually flawless coverage of the face, and is often blended into the skin along the face and neck in order to appear more natural. While some may have a preference on what type of foundation that they might use, some makeup-goers may prefer to go without.

While there are the normal types of foundation-related powders, there are also special powders that are designed to either highlight or enhance the look of a person’s features. Such enhancers may be what many refer to as bronzers, and there are also lighter-hued powders that are used to highlight certain features in general such as the cheekbones. Sheer-based powders are also available in order to give coverage a more finished look, as well as to help set the makeup in general.

After the application of concealers, powders and foundations have be used, many women will generally set about using blush in order to accent, play down or shape the cheeks and other areas of the face. Some may apply eye shadow to help accentuate the eyes, as well as to help give them a more defined shape. Much depends on overall preference in regards to which is done first, if at all. Some may even apply blush prior to foundation in order to give a softer look, especially in the daytime.

Eyeliner and mascara often follow the eye shadow application, and are used to further accent the eyes. Some wearers may use eyeliners to make larger eyes appear smaller and vice versa, which often come in a dry, oil-based or liquid base form. Mascara is often worn in order to make lashes appear longer and fuller. Both eyeliner and mascara come in a wide variety of colors, which are designed to accent the eyes in a number of different ways.

The final, basic step in cosmetic makeup for the face is that of lipstick, lip liner and/or gloss. Lipsticks and gloss come with a variety of different benefits, even aside from giving added color to the wearer’s lips. These days, they also have the ability to physically plump, heal, and give protection to wearers as well.

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