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Whether your skin tone is the fairest in the land, darkest by far or somewhere in between, BECCA Cosmetics works to meet the beauty needs of all women.In fact, the philosophy of BECCA Cosmetics is to enable “all women, regardless of age or ethnicity, to achieve a natural looking, flawless complexion.”Early in her career, BECCA Cosmetic founder Rebecca Morrice Williams was a model and make-up artist in Perth, Australia. Even as a professional make-up artist, she could not find a foundation that did all she wanted it to do: look natural, hide blemishes, stay lightly atop her skin and keep her looking fresh for hours.

She went in search for products that would produce flawless looking skin. She didn’t want women to look like they were wearing make-up – but instead, she wanted make-up that let women’s natural beauty come out.After years in the development stage, BECCA Cosmetics came up with a three-step “Skin Perfecting Make-Up System” that corrects, perfects and enhances any woman’s complexion – no matter her age or ethnicity.To do this, BECCA Cosmetics had to develop more than the usual range of colors of concealers and foundations. Instead of the dozen or so shade most companies produce, BECCA Cosmetics came up with 34 shades of concealer and 30 different foundation colors.

BECCA Cosmetics not only keep the skins looking good, but they are good for the skin, containing anti-oxidant vitamins and anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients that care for your skin. They also are rich in sun protection filters (SPF), which protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.The BECCA Cosmetic system has three steps: prepare, perfect and set. The cosmetics are designed to prepare the skin with primers, which make the skin a smooth pallet for the foundation. Next you want to perfect the skin by applying concealer – either lightly all over or more concentrated on those area needing special attention. After that, you want to set your perfect look with a water-resistant finish, such as a fine loose finishing powder.One way to try out the system is with the Three-Piece Perfection Set, which features a Compact Concealer, a Stick Foundation with a SPF 30 and a multi-use brush.

The Compact Concealer has medium and extra-coverage make-up in one compact. (The medium cover is creamier and the extra coverage formula is drier.) You can use the concealer lightly all over your face, or just use the extra coverage formula on your problem areas like blemishes, birthmarks and dark circles under your eyes. Both are designed to last all day.The Stick Foundation has a creamy texture that lets you decide how much coverage you want – from sheer to medium. It can also take care of those dark circles under your eyes. It’s rich in vitamins A, D and E, which boost collagen renewal and the skin’s moisture.The brush is made of 3-Tone Taklon, a synthetic fiber that smoothly spreads cosmetics over the skin.

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With a three-step make-up system in place, BECCA Cosmetic’s next step was to develop high-quality, long-lasting make-up that meets the needs of professional make-up artists and their clients.In addition to the products used in the three-step system, BECCA Cosmetics developed a full line of pigment-rich cosmetics that are unlike most on the market.Consider the Beach Tint Duo. These two tubes of water-resistant tint can be applied to your lips or your cheeks for a quick spot of color when you’re on the run. Or, the tint can be layered under powder blushes, bronzers, lip balms and lip-glosses for a more intense look.

This vitamin E-rich Beach Tint comes in Watermelon and Peach shades. Because it is oil-free, streak free and water proof, the color stays with you wherever you go, no matter what you’re doing.Next, it’s on to the eyes with BECCA Cosmetic’s three-piece eyeliner set. This trio comes with an extra fine eyeliner brush, an eyeliner compact and a waterproof sealer.The brush’s ultra fine tip lets you apply your eyeliner with a precise hand. The sable hair brush will stay soft and flexible with minimal clean-up effort.The smudge-proof and water-resistant eyeliner in the compact goes on wet or dry.

You can apply it along both lash lines. Use it wet for a strong dramatic look or dry for a smoky, sultry look. It is available in just Pitch Black.If you want your make-up to stay in place, seal it with the waterproof sealer. (Do not use the waterproof sealant on the inner rims of your eyes.) You can also use the sealant with other eye shadows to create other colors of eye liner.BECCA Cosmetics are never tested on animals. In fact the company condemns animal testing and works with others to prove other testing methods are more reliable.

Francisco Marmolejo is a freelance writer who writes about health, beauty, and specific brands such as Becca Cosmetics.

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