Colon Cleanser – Choosing the Effective One!

Colon cleanser is a material that cleanses the intestines; it is as simple as that!!! However, there are of many types; edible one and non edible one. Whatever the material is used to cleanse the intestines, the ultimate aim is to cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract and make it free from toxic substances and from unwanted/harmful materials. This is because the bowels are the main organs of the body that digest the food and hence the entire nutritional system of the body depends upon digestion, absorption and assimilation.

Colon cleanser might be a quite simple food, laxative or procedure used to stimulate the intestines to expel out the toxic substances and make the tract clean. Some of the cleansers are used to relieve constipation or hard stools that have accumulated into the rectum or any part of the intestines. Such cleanser herb or therapy improves the action of bowels by increasing bowel movements – peristalsis so that the unwanted materials in the form of hard stools get broken and then excreted out.

Colon cleanser is selected depending upon the case for what one is to be used. For instance, colon cleansing, if performed for obesity or overweight, cleanser therapy or the herb would be that that has natural fat-reducing capacity. Hoodia, Garcinia, Indian gooseberry, dietary fiber would be the choice of cleansers then. In other case, when it is to be thought for indigestion, certain natural spices such as cloves, garlic, ginger, black pepper work wonderfully. They can be used as internal medication or can be used for some different therapies.

Colon cleanser might be all natural; for instance, water! The water is a natural flusher that has capacity to flush out the toxins and other unwanted gluey substances that have literally coated the intestinal walls. Water also regulates the pH value in the intestines and also assists maintaining certain temperature within the intestines that is very much required for proper metabolism.

Probiotics, on the other hand, can also be considered as a great cleanser. They are the ones that increase the number of friendly-bacteria within the intestines and hence improving digestion and assimilation. This one is useful treating indigestion and diarrhea. They have also been given with many medications since they protect the micro-flora of the intestines and hence, side-effects like loose motion are reduced.

Dark green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit juices etc are also labeled as cleanser agents that assist the intestines to get rid of toxins and other harmful/wasteful materials. There are plenty of colon cleansing home-kits that can be purchased from a corner-store and is used sitting in the home. Such cleansing kits may contain some herbal capsules or powders that possess natural cleansing properties.

Another commonly used colon cleanser is Senna, an herb that has been used traditionally among holistic and natural healers. It can be used as constipation reliever and hence, is found in many colon cleansing kits.

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