Choosing the Best Natural Colon Cleanser

Colon cleansing is an answered prayer to health buffs. Because of the highly processed food made available to this generation, digestion has become even more difficult for the colon. Sometimes, there are fecal matter stuck on the walls of the colon. If these are not removed, it will make digestion too tedious for the colon and absorption of nutrients might not take place. This is why colon cleansing is really important for the body.

There are different ways to cleanse your colon. There are colon cleansing kits and colon cleansing machines which you can conveniently order via phone or online. But a lot of people would prefer using natural colon cleansing methods since these are less expensive and are more comfortable to use because these could be done right at home.

In creating your own natural colon cleanser, the World Wide Health website suggested that your recipe should have these four basic components of an effective colon cleanser. Your colon cleanser should include an ingredient which will promote the excretion of the colonic parasites and other toxins which could harm your body. Psyllium seed husk powder and flaxseed are examples which do just this. Another must in your natural colon cleanser is an ingredient, such as wormwood or cascara sagrada, which could loosen fecal matter stuck on your colon’s walls. It is also important that you include something which would increase your bowel movement. And finally, a probiotic supplement would take an important role in the cleansing procedure because their presence would invite good bacteria to occupy your colon.

Other ways to cleanse your colon naturally are to take a fiber enriched diet. This includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable, fruit juices and huge amounts of water. By hydrating the colon and taking a high fiber diet, the stool becomes softer and colon becomes moist. Fiber helps in cleaning the colon because it increases peristalsis in the digestive system and stimulates it to expel the waste away from the body. Green food like vegetables are also quite effective in colon cleansing because of the chlorophyll content found in them. Chlorophyll helps in the healing of damaged colon tissue. It also encourages oxygenation in the body and helps in releasing the toxins.

In choosing the best colon cleansing recipe, one should not just look at the brand and depend on hearsay. It is best that you, yourself, know what ingredients will be best and effective for expelling waste. Do your research about the ingredients that you want to try and find out if they’re not going to be harmful for your body. Try to find people who have experience with colon cleansing or better yet, consult a physician for professional advice.

A natural colon cleanser may be just the think you need to regain your digestive health. Did you know that an all natural colon cleanse can reduce gas, bloating, constipation, even IBS? Your overall health and well being is directly linked to a clean, toxin-free colon.

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