Chapstick Wedding Favors

Hosting a wedding? Guess which is the best wedding favor gift? A personalized lip balm label or a chapstick wedding favor from a good brand is the answer to all your troubles. The groom need not worry anymore about “the kiss” after the wedding, believe us it is going to be sheer bliss and perfection because the flavored chapstick that is an integral part of the bride’s routine. Chapstick wedding favors are the ideal return gift for an engagement party, a wedding anniversary, a baby shower or a bridal shower.
Online companies have a huge range of exclusive designs that can also be prepared according to a theme or an idea and they will have the customers swoon over them because of their smart looks, great smell and luscious feel on the lips. Apply liberally on the lips and head out for the Maldives, the sandy beach resorts, the hilly terrains, the ski outings or the roulette romp, and be rest assured that your lips are cared for.
Pick a design of your choice and then add the personal touch by getting the chapstick wedding favors customized with a text highlighting the company logo. A special message of a date can also be scribbled easily on these customized chapsticks that are smooth and soothing on the inside. The pleasant fragrance of the fruity flavors or the woody citrus appealing scents woo the hearts and one can’t resist these chapsticks that can be chosen with a SPF 15 or without it. Normally, the chapsticks are in a factory sealed plastic lid pack that has a tube of about 2.5″ lip protector.
Pack a massive punch by handing out chapstick wedding favors that can be chosen from over a whopping 80 design themes and get them personalized and customized according to the demands of the company. The lip balms are nowadays made environmentally friendly and flavored with the help of organic ingredients.
The order for these chapstick wedding favors can be placed on the internet. These online companies then pack the imprinted customized chapsticks in packs of 100, 200 or more and dispatch them to the address mentioned in the order form. The companies also offer free art services and free shipping, after all, customer is God for them and they attend to their promotional demands right away.
The clip-on variety of chapsticks is very convenient and can be easily stored in the bag. All the user has to do is to pick up the chapstick and liberally apply the fragrant and smooth lip balm on the lips and smile away.

Custom Lip Balm Store offers you a great variety of chapstick wedding favors in personalized packaging so that your names or message can be highlighted perfectly.You can Contact call us at: 877-629-5710

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