Brightening Face Scrub

Homemade brightening facial scrub – Exfoliating face scrub – Soft clear bright skin

1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon Honey
1/2 Tablespoon Almond Oil

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13 thoughts on “Brightening Face Scrub”

  1. Yemi Alade says:

    Please answer can we use it in the body like anywhere

  2. Nurain FJ says:

    can it be used for dry skin?

  3. Ebony Sweet says:

    What can i moisturize my face with afterwards? 

  4. Priyanka M says:

    how long can I store this mask in the container ?

  5. AAssam Malik says:

    Can u please do a video on removing pigmentation from skin 

  6. Anna Scansani says:

    Can i use olive oil instead of almond?

  7. Danica Cruz says:

    I dont Have Almond Oil . Can i use any Oil ?

  8. happyness637 says:

    Do you have a video for lighter knees and lighter armpits and then back acne pls thnks 

  9. Priyal Pal says:

    I like all your vdo thanks for making

  10. Sarah Aguilar says:

    Can u substitute the almond oil for olive oil

  11. Desiree Gilchrist says:

    can u substitute the almond oil for olive oil or is the almond oil the main ingredient

  12. Keek says:

    Love your channel name and your vids – no fuss, no long monologues.

  13. Suryakanthi Navuduri says:


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