Blushing Help: How to Stop Blushing

Blushing Help from Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy. What do you think when you hear that word? So many people who are looking for blushing help kind of hesitate whenever they hear or read anything about hypnotherapy. They just aren’t sure whether or not this will work for them. “Oh, sure” they think. “Hypnotherapy has helped other people stop blushing all the time, but how do I know that it would help me in the same way?”

One Blush Too Many

What you should do is find out a bit more about hypnotherapy and how it works before making a final decision as to whether or not it would be useful to you for blushing help. Anyone who is troubled by problem blushing would do well to consider hypnotherapy, because it is helping many people with many different problems and conditions besides blushing. If you believe you have blushed on blush too many, there is hope for you. At some point in your life, perhaps even in your childhood, something happened to you. Something that caused your face to flush for the first time.

Saved for the Future

Your subconscious mind carefully saved that memory of your first blush, and every other memory of times when you were embarrassed, ashamed, angry, or went through a painful scene where you blushed. Some people call these repressed memories. These memories helped to teach you to fear blushing. Out of the blue, as you were getting ready to go to a party or some other occasion where a group of people would be gathered, such as school or work, a thought occurred to you. The thought that you sincerely hoped you wouldn’t blush during the time you would be away from.

Memories, Memories

Thinking these thoughts brought forward the thoughts saved in your subconscious mind, although of course you did not realize that they were tucked away like that. You remembered other times where you had been embarrassed and felt humiliated, angry, or ashamed, and all of a sudden, you started to think about today’s outing. You start hoping that you won’t blush in front of all those people and embarrass yourself yet again. And, the stage is set. The blushing help that comes from hypnotherapy can keep you from having a repeat performance.

A Confused Subconscious?

What you don’t realize is that your subconscious mind thinks that you WANT to blush whenever you feel embarrassed, or angry, or whatever. By thinking about not blushing, you cued the subconscious to get ready. And, the more you think about not blushing, the worse your blushing will probably be. This is why some sufferers always say “The last time I blushed was the worst time ever!” You can think about many instances of blushing when you start to thumb through your memories. They are like fuel for the fire that’s to come. Hypnotherapy can change what is in your subconscious mind, replacing those unhappy memories with more productive ones.

How Being Worried About Blushing In Advance Makes It Worse

What everyone who blushes does, invariably, is worry that they are going to blush, they may worry about blushing the day before they have to do presentation in a business setting, or they may worry about blushing as they sit around the dinner table and people begin to take turns telling jokes. It is this worry, this anticipation that is a major cause of blushing. The main difference between someone who blushes a lot and someone who doesn’t is that the former frets about blushing ahead of time, and the latter doesn’t. So how do you learn not to worry about it?

What Can Hypnotherapy Do For You?

Hypnotherapy will allow you to stop worrying about your blushing. No one can promise that you will never blush again, but after a few sessions of hypnotherapy, if by chance you do blush, it will not bother you as it did before. You can brush it away from your conscious and go on with what you were doing. A faint flush is more than likely all you would ever have to worry about after you have received blushing help.

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