Blending to Achieve a Professional Make-Up Looks

Whilst make-up is used to enhance your natural beauty and features, or even to alter them for some purposes (e.g. hide pigmentation and blemishes), the aim when it comes to applying make-up is to make it look natural. Make-up which is heavy, streaky and poorly blended will look unnatural and is not the sign of a professional Make-up Artist’s work; therefore it is important to blend carefully in order to achieve a flawless professional make-up look. Here are some tips for creating beautiful and flawless make-up looks.

Choosing the Right Products – Some make-up products are easier to blend than others, but a professional Make-up Artist should ensure that they have a good selection of liquids, creams and powders in their professional make-up kits. When it comes to contouring for example, you could use a liquid foundation as a base, followed by a professional face powder to blend and contour over the base to create a more flawless look. Make sure that you practice blending with a variety of products, such as a foundation, powder, blusher and bronzer to ensure that you fully master this technique, particularly for occasions where high-definition make-up is required.

Choose the Right Make-up Brushes – Make-up brushes are a key tool for ensuring precise and professional make-up application through blending. With different types of brushes available to target different areas of the face, it’s important to make sure that you have plenty of choice in your professional make-up kits. For example, you will need a professional powder brush to blend powder make-up, whilst an angled face brush is great for sculpting the cheekbones and creating more defined features. A blending tool such as a sponge is also a great way to blur lines and create a flawless looking make-up.
Don’t forget to look after your brushes by washing them regularly. This not only for hygienic purposes, but it also makes it easier to apply and blend products.
Test in Different Lighting – The problem with make-up is that in some lighting it can look fine, but if you add more lights or go outside in natural lighting, you may notice some flaws in the new lighting. It’s important to try out new make-up looks in a variety of light settings to make sure that the look is appropriate for its purpose, particularly when working on a photo or film shoot. The more practice you have with this, the more you will be able to determine the kind of make-up needed for different shoots.

Set Your Make-up For A Perfect Finish – Most professional Make-up Artists will tell you all about the importance of setting your make-up. High definition make-up calls for a high quality finish and setting your make-up will help to achieve this. Use either a fixing spray or some translucent powder, which will help to smooth any remaining harsh lines and give the final finishing touch to the look.
Having a number of products in your make-up palette will ensure that you are able to create and blend some fantastic make-up looks to suit a range of briefs.

Radina Simeonova is associate author with the company Skin by Sterex – The global leader for professional make-up, hair art, make-up training and also offering the services of make-up palette, glitter spray, face paint, cosmetics and accessories for personal and professional use.

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