Beyond Pearls: Bridal Jewelry That Rocks

There’s some logic behind the bridal obsession with pearls – they’re white and accessible. But if you’re the kind of bride who wants to step out of your mother’s wedding album and create your own images, let us open your eyes to a few white and clear gemstone options you may not have thought of.

Raw Diamond

Compared to its refined counterpart, the raw diamond is a much more affordable, and still stunning, gemstone. The raw diamond typically elicits an antique, earthy look that has become fashionable in recent years. One can expect a fairly opaque white reflection from these stones, making them a highly appropriate alternative to pearls.


Moonstones get their name from the celestial-like shimmer they give off, an ever-changing play of light that shifts and dances as the wearer moves. The most translucent of these stones still contain an undertone of blue, which is a subtle way to capitalize on your own baby blues or to satisfy the old rhyme (“something blue…”).

Rutilated Quartz

This transparent stone is known and appreciated for the golden strands of rutile that dart within, often referred to as “Venus Hair.” What could be more appropriate on your wedding day than a stone reminiscent of the Roman goddess of love and beauty? How about the fact that Rutilated Quartz is also mostly clear, affordable and flattering to hazel eyes.

To see an example of rutilated quartz jewelry, click here.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz stones come in a range of intensities from the palest, most transparent to a merely translucent pink. Regardless of its clarity, rose quartz embodies a color comparable to a pink pearl and is therefore a very feminine touch to any wedding ensemble.

Clear/Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is an entirely transparent, colorless form of quartz that is said to emulate the clarity and shimmer of water when at its best. Like diamonds, this stone loses clarity with each additional flaw, and it is important to know what you are buying ahead of time. Legend has it that wearing rock crystal benefits the health and spiritual well-being…not a bad superstition on your wedding day.

Mother of Pearl

Also known as Nacre, the iridescent material that coats the inside of mollusk shells can come in many different colors, from rose to white to pewter. The overlying rainbow-like reflection creates an accessory that goes with virtually any color, and if you find yourself with cold feet about not wearing completely traditional jewelry, you can take comfort in the fact that the word “pearl” is still in the name. To see an example of mother of pearl jewelry, click here:

To search for jewelry that is more than just an accessory on your wedding day, be sure to purchase at a handmade jewelry store. Chances are, they will be able to customize your favorite design with adjustments to the gemstone, length, or metal. The accessories you wear on your big day should be more than just part of your ensemble – they should be keepsakes you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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