Best Moisturizers Low Porosity Hair Part 1 – Scope 1.31.16

Best Moisturizers Low Porosity Hair Part 1 - Scope 1.31.16

We discussed the Best Moisturizers for Low Porosity Hair on Periscope, Sunday January 31, 2016

Compiling the list from this scope on my website

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20 thoughts on “Best Moisturizers Low Porosity Hair Part 1 – Scope 1.31.16”

  1. Jessica Ward says:

    This is wonderful information and I just realized recently I have been using the wrong products for my low porosity hair for the longest time. My curls have always been dry and frizzy! Can you post somewhere a list of all the products you can recommend for low porosity hair?

  2. quentece dotson says:

    I love that you went to periscope I just wish that for the people who watch you on YouTube that you would have done something separate, all the questions make it hard to follow. Maybe adding a time line. Or just talking about what you use then saving questions for last. This is so hard to watch because you are trying to Answer their questions but us here on YouTube are just trying to get trying to get answers.

  3. ConsuelaEsseboom says:

    This is great so glad you mentioned you're based in New York! Been in NY for a few months now and haven't found a good stylist. Coming to see you this week for sure

  4. pamela russell says:

    Who were you talking to in this video? Veeeery distracting. Silly.

  5. Esther Torres says:

    You are so wonderful. I love your passion for what you do. Thank you for helping us!

  6. Prof RN says:

    Just found and subscribed to your channel, very very informative. I'm new to the natural world. Last perm was Feb 2015, BC on Jan 2016. What's an easy to tell your porosity.

  7. Ducky Dubz says:

    So for Low porosity hair, are protein treatments and other treatments not as important as moisturizing treatments? I love the way my hair feels after moisture focused treatments more than the protein, reconstructing, etc. treatments.

  8. Heidi Roberts says:

    Wait! you're in NY!!!? I just told my co-worker she needs to go see you, and my cousin's girlfriend needs to come see you, they live in Co-op. I'm in Bk so I'll probably go to a salon near me, but I'm so happy you're near and hope to see you sometime and get a consult on my curly hair (-:

  9. Margaret Baldwin says:

    I wish I had got your channel 3 yrs ago before the hair in crown  fell out. trying to get it to grow back. moisture is hard for me to maintain. I learn more in 45min of watching you on youtube  than all other information from others in 3 yrs. will continue to follower

  10. Lynn Woo says:

    +alundy1 I totally agree! Lots of good info but very distracting, especially when you see the time running out and you seem to be stalled waiting for the good info. No offense because I am eager to hear the advice, imo she is Very knowledgeable, maybe consider editing some of the greetings before it's transferred to youtube. Again no offense, otherwise love the channel.

  11. Unapologetic_Rebellious_Soul says:

    Hi, I think both my sons have low porosity hair .How do I know for sure?

  12. Dalecia says:

    I currently use Cantu Leave in Condition and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Is that redundant as you believe leave in are moisturizers?

    My current LCO Method is:
    L: Liquid/Cantu Leave In
    C – Shea Moisture
    O – Olive oil or coconut oil

    should i change this

  13. Kayy Lo says:

    Wow-thanks so much! This is really helpful. I have been wanting to try some of these any way. :)

  14. Misaki's sperm donor says:

    randomly passing by and then I hear the bronx, woah, I'm from castle hill! living in FL now :(

  15. alundy1 says:

    ….like your videos but hard to watch all the way through. I think if you eliminate all the excess chatter (responding to your Periscope commenters too much while giving information) and also get right into the information in the beginning of the video sans the chatter, you'd get more subscribers and the videos would be easier to watch. But GREAT INFORMATION you're providing ~ Thanks!

  16. Lovely Dove says:

    Abena, thank you for the info, I am low porosity also

  17. janekadequay says:

    I use the Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream I think it moisturize my hair very good but no one mentioned it. Has anyone else tried this product?

  18. poca love says:

    Anything containing Glycerin is definitely a no, no for my low porosity hair

  19. Trell Mix says:

    Looking forward to the list!

  20. keena20071987 says:

    Great scope! Thanks so much for doing these. One question I have is in regard to your hair routine. I thought I heard you say in previous videos that you deep condition before washing/shampooing. I'm thinking about giving this a try but I am concerned that the conditioner will not be able to penetrate because technically I'm placing it on top of the products that I left in my hair from my previous wash day. Hopefully that makes sense. What are your thoughts? Should we shampoo then condition of vice versa?

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