Benefits of Using Himalaya Walnut Scrub as a Healthy New Year Gift

Skin care in winter: an overview

With the holidays just left behind us, it is high time for gearing up to welcome the approaching year; the right time to make all our resolutions. Although saving money and losing weight tops the list of New Year resolutions, do not neglect your skin. With the advent of New Year, it is an ideal time for an effective skin care revolution; a time to embrace something new.

Skin being a living organism, it constantly regenerates itself but with the right care you can improve your skin’s elasticity, shine and support. Windy and cold weather takes a toll on your skin. Winter winds bring with it uncomfortable dryness and a feeling of tightness to the skin including the face, hands as well as the feet. For the few, the problem turns even worse than a general dry, tight feeling. Their skin becomes so dry that they experience cracking, flaking and at times even eczema.

Keeping skin feeling and looking healthy and soft is no longer a challenging task through the harsh winter months with a Himalaya Walnut Scrub. Give this as a healthy New Year gift to yourself or your loved one and enjoy a glowing, radiant skin throughout the year.

Enjoy healthy, radiant skin this New Year with Walnut Scrub

It is every girl’s desire to flaunt a smooth and clean skin that helps her to develop an attractive and good personality. For experiencing smooth and clean skin, a girl uses several cosmetics. With Walnut Scrub from Himalaya Herbals, girls no longer have to see a dull and tired face but instead experience a fresh, glowing skin and that too at very affordable prices.

Yes you heard it right. It is Himalaya Walnut Scrub. It helps to remove dead skin cells gently from the skin thereby giving you a healthy, smooth and clean skin. Exposure to

Pollution, dust and sun daily is likely to cause a buildup of dead skin cells that can turn detrimental to your skin, thereby making you appear lifeless and dull. Routine cleansing is not sufficient for getting rid of the dead skin cells. This walnut scrub, one of the most effective natural remedies for skin effectively helps in removing dead cells, and thus helping to reveal the smooth, lively and clean skin that lie underside. Not only this, it also aids in improving blood circulation of your face, therefore making you look fresher.


It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells gently to remove impuritiesIt’s 100% herbal ingredients (Walnut, Crab Apple and Wheat germ oil) help in cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin making it fresh, soft and radiantIt does the skin feel rejuvenated along with a tingling freshnessIt helps in improving the skin moisture levelIt helps to bring glow as well as suppleness to your skinIt helps in sweeping away dry lines

Your face is the reflection of your inner self. Online Herbs have come up with Himalaya Walnut Scrub, one of the best natural remedies for skin as a healthy New Year gift keeping in mind the different skin types and needs of women. Avail its benefits and enjoy a glowing skin all throughout the year.

Apart from these Herbal Supplements for Skin , one can also try natural herbal products such Walnut Scrub From Himalaya for maintaining healthy skin with natural glowing without any side effects.

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