Ben Nye Face Powder, Neutral Set 1.5oz Reviews

Ben Nye Face Powder, Neutral Set 1.5oz

Ben Nye Face Powder, Neutral Set 1.5oz

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Ben Nye Face Powders are the perfect choice for setting makeup with eight shades to fit any skin tone. Neutral Set is a white colored powder that is virtually colorless on most skin tones and is also the powder to use on creme makeup looks using fantasy colors. Super White is used for powdering over white makeup to make the makeup even more white. This is good for clown makeup or fantasy makeups based in white. Pretty Pink can give pale or light skin tones with a cool undertone a little oomph. Nice for enhancing very feminine looks and can cool olive tones. Sienna, Chestnut, Coco Tan and Ebony are for darker skin tones and helps create very full coverage when used in conjunction with a creme base.

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