Beauty Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Big Day

Weddings are up there with moving house and changing jobs as one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. Even those that plan to have a fairly small wedding or even those that decide to take their wedding abroad to cut down on the numbers, it can be surprising how much organisation and planning is still needed. With all of the planning and pressure, it can be very easy to overlook the essentials paving the way for a lot of last minute rushing around and stress.

One of the most important things for any bride to be is how they look on the big day. The dress is of course important, but so are the shoes, accessories and of course hair and make-up. To look its very best hair will usually have to be done on the day itself – hair that has been slept on isn’t usually a great look! Many would think the same for make-up, but there are ways to reduce a little bit of stress on the day and have your make-up sorted more or less sorted beforehand.

If you have ever wondered how celebrities always seem to have make-up that looks like it has been professionally applied even when they have been snapped by the paparazzi when in a shop buying a pint of milk it’s the same technique. Permanent make-up is the secret weapon used by many stars and celebrities as it provides a look that lasts, needs little maintenance and best of all, when applied professionally gives your make-up a professional looking finish every day.

Both brides and grooms can benefit from permanent make-up. The wide range of treatments available means it is now possible to have more or less all of your make-up completed weeks before the big day. Eyebrows are an area that both men and women tend to struggle with as they get older and the prospect of having hundreds of photographs taken makes any issues they may have all the more important. Eyebrows can be coloured, shaped and thickened to provide a fuller look, permanent make-up is ideal for men as it means they can have the treatment once and then not worry about them again.

Another area where people are often keen to have permanent make-up applied is the lips. Lips and teeth are important on wedding days, not just because of all the kissing, but also because of all the smiling needed for the wedding photos. Permanent lip treatments can add colour to faded lips and provide a more full and luscious look, when touched up with gloss or lipstick any lips can look rejuvenated and of course, like they have been applied by a professional.

The semi-permanent make-up treatment can also be a great excuse to get together with your nearest and dearest before the big day. It’s not unusual for potential brides to take their mothers and soon to be mother-in-law with them, it can be a nice informal way to get together and involve them in the wedding preparations.

Most people have more than enough things to think about on their wedding day so any opportunity to prepare is usually welcomed with open arms. One of the best things about permanent make-up is of course that it will still be there throughout your honeymoon and then after as well! Unlike the wedding cake or flowers!

Permanent cosmetics are a great way to prepare for a wedding and ideal for both brides and grooms who want to look great on their big day.

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