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Applying Mascara is the final step in eye makeup. Mascara is applied on the eye lashes to beautify them. Different formulas and application of mascara can enhance your lashes in different ways. Mascara can often be very scary and hard to apply. Different colors of mascara such as brown, navy and green can make you look funky instantly. Before applying mascara, use an eyelash comb or damp toothbrush to comb your lashes. Always use a clean and fresh mascara wand on damp lashes. Scary because there is always a chance you could poke your eye, if you have a steady hand and you are trying not to get to close to the root of the lashes this should be no problem.
Invest in a good quality eyelash curler. Most people avoid using this because they don’t know how to use them. Once you become adept it only takes 10 seconds. Hold your curler from underneath and put your top lashes in between the two rims. Press together for about 10 seconds and remove it by slowly rolling it up. This will give you an instant eye lifting effect. (Avoid metal curlers because these can break your lashes.)
Another important safety issue in relation to wearing mascara is sharing mascara with another person. Although this may seem perfectly harmless activity it can actually cause great trouble. There are bacteria in your eyes, which are unique in every person; sharing mascara can cause transference of bacteria, which can lead to infection and illness. Viral conjunctivitis is also a common virus that is easily transferred from one person to another when sharing mascara. Therefore you should never share your mascara with anyone. Another important health and safety habit is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before applying mascara so you do not introduce bacteria or infectious materials that may be fine on your hands but prove dangerous for your eyes.
This is a deep rich mascara which has taken the first step to revolutionize the mascara wand and brush. The brush is a small circular ball with tiny bristles on the entire ball. They short rubber bristles reach the outer and inner corner and grabs every little eyelash and thickens them without clumping. It gives a great dramatic effect from the root to the tip. Innovative and ‘Phenomenal’!
Eye makeup can improve the facial appearance enhancing the natural beauty. It will make one look beautiful, helping to conceal the enigma of aging. If makeup is applied properly to the eyes, it will have a great impact on the appearance. It also reflects strongly to one’s personality, how they feel about themselves, boosting self esteem and making them more attractive. When applying concealer to the eye, pat it on with the ring finger and do not rub. A flat nylon brush or sponge will be used to apply the concealer. Concealing creams are available in light, medium and dark shades.
Like any other thing, choosing the right color of your mascara is too important for your over all appearance. It also depends upon your personal likes and dislikes and the places you are supposed to be at after applying mascara.

For a formal occasion, it is best to use black and brown mascara. However, you can have a series of colorful mascaras, such as purple, aqua, blue etc. The are ultimately suitable for casual social gatherings.
After you’ve deposited a bit of mascara at the base of the lashes, pull the mascara towards their ends, to reduce clumping. Then, close your eye and brush mascara over the tops of the lashes, further reducing clumping. You should have a nice, even application of mascara at this point. Once you have applied the mascara, wait a few seconds before opening your eyelashes, or else you’ll sling mascara on your eyes.
Mascara could make your face come alive. If you apply it softly, it will accentuate the eye while thickening and darkening the lashes. You should choose a shade of mascara which will complement your coloring. When you use the mascara, you need to look straight into your mirror with your chin slightly lifted so you could see your lashes
If necessary curl lashes using mascara curler before applying mascara.
· For best results “draw the mascara wand out of the tube and gently scrape off any clumps on the side or wipe with a tissue before applying, says makeup artist Brandi Williams.
· Oprah’s make up man Reggie Wells, says “start at the lash roots and gently sweep mascara to the ends”
· Allow lashes to dry between coats. Use lash comb or spiral brush to remove any clumps.
· Reggie Wells believes applying mascara to bottom lashes is not necessary and only draws attention to dark circles and wrinkles below the eye area. Try brown on bottom lashes for subtle definition.
· Remove before bedtime with a gentle eye make up remover like Lancome Bi-facil Eye Makeup Remover or Andrea Q eye make up remover pads.
· Mascara merge…did you know Fashion Fair is black owned by Johnson Publishing Co. (Jet, Ebony) but L’Oreal owns Lancome, and Maybelline. Proctor & Gamble owns Cover Girl & Max Factor. “Don’t Sleep”
For a smudge proof application the mascara wand should be slightly bent and the applicant should not blink for few seconds after application. For lengthening the lashes the Mascara wands have dense bristles which ensure a thicker amount of Mascara on the tips. The applicators use a longer wand for a more even application. The non smudging waterproof Mascara contains special synthetic formula which repels moisture, but using such type frequently is harsh on the eyelashes.

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