Beautiful Eye Makeup in 8 Easy Steps

The make up around your eyes makes or breaks your look for a night out. Putting on beautiful eye make-up can be simple and fast. It only takes eight easy steps to apply your eye makeup.

Wash your whole face. Make sure that you thoroughly cleanse your skin and the area around your eyes before you begin applying your makeup to remove any dirt or old makeup. Before applying your eye cosmetics, make sure your face is clean and dry.

Begin by applying the concealer. Starting with concealer is the first process of your eye make up. You can use concealer from the inner part of your eye all the way under to cover up any skin discoloration or impurities. Apply just a touch of concealer under your eyes, blending it in carefully to match your skin tone.

Apply little eye shadow. The next quick process for the eye make up is to apply eye shadow. You can even use a primer base underneath, although you don’t really need to. Ideally, your eye shadow should be a blend of two or three tones, expertly blended together. The most distinct color should always be the palest. Put it on all across your eye lid until reaching your brow bone. A medium shade of eye shadow then goes on the lid, and the darkest shade should be applied to the crease of your eyelid. To blend the colors use your fingertip or an applicator brush.

Next, apply eyeliner. Some eyeliner should be put on after the eye shadow is applied. The best colors are darker toned. Start at the inner part of your eye and work outward, applying eyeliner with the brush that came with it, or any other slanted brush. For the bottom of the eyes repeat process, start from the middle of the eye and proceed working outwards. Keep the line reasonably thin and delicate. Its purpose is to enhance your eyes, not surround them in large, dark lines.

Add some highlighter. Next step is a light-colored highlighter. Create an outline both above and below your eye, by making a ‘V’ shape from the corner. To make eyes pop blend the shadow into eyelid.

Ensure that the eyebrows stand out. Apply the same type of highlighter (gold and pink tones are great for this purpose), and place some below your eyebrow. Concentrate on the area in the middle and above your eyebrows then rub in with your finger.

Some curl can be added now. The final step to completing your look is to curl your eyelashes. Your eyelashes will appear long and luxurious if you curl them. Use a blow dryer to heat it the curler, pinch lashes between the clamps, then hold for a little while. Then do the same steps for your other eye.

The final step is mascara. The last stage in making up your eyes is to apply mascara. It is essential that you do this at the very end. Using the brush or wand that came with the bottle, place the mascara on your eyelashes from root to the outward lash several times. Do a back-and-forth or side-to-side motion with the brush for the best coverage. Do this again on the other upper and lower eyelashes. You now have an amazing set of peepers if you’ve followed these guidelines!

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