Basics Of Foundation Repair Tulsa

Tulsa is the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma. The city falls in the typical temperate zone and experiences extreme seasonal variations. In summer the temperature goes well above 105 F and in winters it drops below 0 F. A hot and dry summer is capable of wrecking havoc on the foundation of buildings across the region. These extreme seasonal variations can become a problem for any structure. If you own any kind of a building in this region, you should be prepared for foundation repair in Tulsa.

2 Things You Should Know Before You Start Foundation Repair Tulsa

It is very important to identify the signs of a damaged foundation. There are basically two visible signs to identify when a building needs a foundation repair.

* Exterior Symptoms: Have a close look at the walls from outside your house. Cracks in bricks and plaster indicate that the foundation needs repair. Other signs include gaps in the walls of exterior doors.

* Interior Symptoms: Cracks on the interior walls of the house and difficulty closing and opening doors are the main interior symptoms.

When to Begin Foundation Repair Tulsa
If you find any of the exterior or interior symptoms, you should start foundation repair. Cracks and gaps will widen if not checked early on, so contact an expert to evaluate the foundation as soon as possible.

Important Facts about Foundation Repair Tulsa
Here are some critical facts, which have been articulated by experts, regarding foundation repair in Tulsa.

* Expansive soil, as its name implies, expands and contracts to absorb water. If the foundation is made on expansive soil, it is more prone to damage.

* Water and weather are the worst enemies of any foundation.

* Growing trees near your home can be a good option to control the water content in the soil. But this could have a counterproductive impact if the roots go too close and damage the foundation.

* Small gaps in the foundation should be filled as early as possible; otherwise water could seep through and expand the gap further.

* Sometimes cracks and gaps may not appear in the foundation, but windows and doors can start giving you trouble closing. You should take this seriously, as this is an indication for foundation damage.

The most important thing to remember is to contact a professional immediately if you see any signs of damage to the foundation of your building.

Foundation Repair Tulsa – While there are some risks that you cannot avoid, you can certainly minimize foundation damage by getting expert advice. Established in 1993, Olshan Foundation Solutions has built a solid reputation for expert foundation repair in Tulsa. Visit or simply call 1-877-465-7426 for a free estimate.

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