ASMR 🎧 Refreshing Sugar Scrub Application *Exfoliate Face Treatment*

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Good evening :) My wonderful friend Reese made me some delicious body scrub which I will be trying out in this new, tingly ASMR video of today. This ASMR video contains water sounds together with whispering, face rubbing & scrubbing sounds.
Peace out and tingle on my ASMR friend!

My wonderful fiance Chris, digital media producer, did the editing of the audio. Check him out 😀

* BEFORE YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO please know that not everyone should exfoliate their skin using a facial scrub. For example, persons with rosacea, warts, inflammatory acne, or herpes might find their conditions exacerbated by exfoliating scrubs. If you have a history of skin problems, you should consult your dermatologist to determine what kind of skin care regime is most appropriate for you.

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***Disclaimer: This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological problems please consult your physician or doctor. Do not listen to ASMR videos while driving or operating machinery.

20 thoughts on “ASMR 🎧 Refreshing Sugar Scrub Application *Exfoliate Face Treatment*”

  1. Jessika Jones says:

    Daily facial scrubs are absolutely TERRIBLE for your skin! You should only be doing it once a week. Even with the extremely dry skin, I'd recommend finding a gentle facial cleanser, moisturizing daily, and only scrubbing your face once a week. It'll help your skin feel and look a lot better in the long run.

  2. MindCalmASMR says:

    dont wipe the face downward. you are pulling the skin from muscle which will create wrinkles.

  3. Ashley S says:

    this was SUPER relaxing to watch, thank you! Maybe a colab w/ Reece on how to make this scrub :)

  4. Allyson Ennis says:

    I think you look very pretty in this video and the tapping on the lid sounded amazing as did the unscrewing

  5. Tiana Jade Howe says:

    Loved this video and would love to see more skincare videos!! Thank you for all that you do :) ❤️

  6. Mayra Ortega says:

    People should make more videos like this so that you can watch during the middle of the night when everyone is asleep lol

  7. kristen larsen says:

    This is my absolute favourite video!! Can't stop watching! So many tingles! and helps me relax and get to sleep soo well! Thank you so much! ☺️

  8. Sonja Oberstein says:

    Awwww, so nice of your friend to make you some scrub! ^_^ This scrub looks so great! I wish I could use some of it! Can you please ask your friend if she would sell a glass of this scrub? I would LOVE to buy it! :)
    Your video is fantastic!

  9. Lisa Faris-McNamara says:

    I'm new to your site, love it so much. Thank you for all you do. Since you really liked the face scrub, wait until you try a body scrub (in the shower for sure), especially one that's made with sugar. Your whole body feels like baby's skin! Don't overdo it though, just once a week. See you soon.

  10. Erin McNatt says:

    Amazing video as always! that face scrub is so cute! :)

  11. ItsDianaSkye says:

    That scrub does sound delicious 😛 You should ask your friend for the recipe.

  12. StarlitLilies says:

    wahh I smelled coconut even before I knew it was in there haha

  13. Mel_Delanghe says:

    Hmmmm ik hou van kokosnoot en munt :) Je ziet er goed uit zelfs wanneer je moe bent! 😀 mijn gezicht zou ook wel een scrub kunnen gebruiken nu ^^ Ik ga nu lekker relaxed naar bed!

  14. ShimmerNfaith says:

    lovely video. I bet the mint made it feel nice n refreshed.

  15. Zoruasmr says:

    I was having a not-so-good day but seeing your sugar face and your honest smile was a great way to feel better 😀 Thanks Ilse :)

  16. TheTubbie says:

    I LOVE that towel-sound!!

  17. Kazou Zou says:

    Why would you apologize for looking tired when you actually are awesome!

  18. P Bruce says:

    Very relaxing face scrub video, Ilse ! I would enjoy seeing another face scrub video. Thanks. ~Phil

  19. AntiSocialTeenager says:

    Is it it just me but she kind of looks like juliet biersack (simms)

  20. SirButtercats says:

    You're seriously too cute.

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