Applying Makeup: An Art to Master

To talk about makeup is to talk about one of modern women’s must haves. Even the women who do not like makeup that much tend to do a little makeup on occasions and here is a list of the makeup items that are used to get the job done.

The “Foundation” of makeup is certainly the foundation on which the whole art of make up is done on. The foundation is a master of hiding veins, freckles, spots, dark circles and giving the skin an even tone. Realize this if you have not already that the job of the foundation is not to change the color of the skin itself but to even the natural skin tone. Be it liquid, solid or cream, the foundation is a must have base for all makeup and it helps the makeup set in onto the skin much easily.

Available in both loose and compact state, the face powder acts like the adhesive that holds the all important foundation at its place, because without proper face powder, the foundation would just slide off within an hour or two. In fact, face powder does the same for all makeup, be it lipstick, cream blusher or eye shadow, without proper face powder dusting, the make up would just start to crease or melt off!

Skin flaws that require more attention than just the foundation must be subjected to concealers. Even before the foundation is laid on concealers are applied on the face. Thick, creamy and very effective in hiding all the signs of aging and skin flaws, a concealer can be an image saver

Using a eyebrow pencil is a better idea than a powdery form as the pencil allows you better control and easy access.

A lipstick is applied by many women directly over their lips with the stick, but a better informed woman knows that it is certainly not the right way. This is simply because the thick lipstick won’t allow you to practice precision, while a makeup lip brush would. It is best to draw an outline with a liner first and then apply the lipstick onto your lip so that the lips appear full and perfect. Also dust off the lips with some face powder or the lip liner may not be enough to hold the lipstick in after a few hours.

Available both in the powdery and the cream form, the highlighter is used by makeup artists to give a face a highlight by defining the top line centre, upper cheekbone and the brow line through shades of white or cream.

Brown color of the shader is perfect for slimming the face down visually. Although brown in color like the shaders, the contours are used to provide a hollow look under the chin. It takes an expert to apply the shaders and the contours perfectly as it requires the lightest of touches.

Mascara is used to highlight eyes through application of color, depth and even length to lashes, if so desired.

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