Apply Mascara Like A Pro!

The daily make-up routine is pretty important to most women. For many, it can inspire confidence and a sense of attractiveness. If you’re new to the world of makeup, be sure you learn the right ways to apply it. Mascara may seem pretty easy to apply but just take a look at these guidelines to be sure you are doing it the right way.

1. Look for mascara that suits you. There are a million different types of mascara out there, so you really need to know what look you’re going for before you purchase. For more control you may consider investing in a thinner application wand, as it allows you the ability to access your eye corners. Decide whether you want dark lashes, thick lashes, waterproof lashes or a combination of them all, and purchase accordingly. (Steer clear of colored mascara if you’re going for a professional look. Black, brown or clear mascaras are your best bet and offer most versatility).

2. Do the lower lashes first. Touch mascara to your lower lashes using the applicator wand. Do not get mascara all over you – keep it away from the skin or it will spread everywhere. Starting at the base of your lashes, slowly move the wand in a back and forth direction over the lashes till you have adequate coverage. Don’t forget the little lashes hairs in the corners of your eyes – it will help to really enhance your eyes. After going side to side, pull the wand up the lashes, and be sure you’ve gone over the whole lash from root to tip.

3. Upper-lid lashes second. When you move to your top lashes, you will need to do the same as with the bottom, just gently touch the wand to your lashes and give it a little wiggle. There are people who like rolling the brush along with wiggling, but you will figure out how you like to do it. The important thing is to cover every single lash with mascara. Again, move side to side, and then root to tip second.

4. Touching up. You want to get rid of any clumps of mascara, so run your wand through lashes a second time if needed. If eyelashes seem to be sticking together, you can use an eyelash brush. Similar to a hair comb, this separates the lashes to make them look fuller. If you find that your mascara smudges underneath the eye, put a little light powder there before you apply the mascara. If you want a darker, heavier look, it is a good idea to buy the thickest mascara you can find and just apply once. To avoid clumping don’t put mascara on lashes which already have dried mascara on them, you will also have your lashes sticking together if you do this. It would be best to remove mascara and begin again. One good coat is all you need.

5. So, that’s the gist of it! It is not hard to apply mascara, but there are tips in doing it well. Coat your lashes once in the morning and your eyes will look great all day long!

Jacquie Generra writes about makeup and other fashion and grooming tips as a staff writer for

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